Welcome to HealthyPups YorkiePoo puppies for sale, featuring videos (scroll down) of both purebred and designer hybrid puppies.  Hybrids are intentional mixes that are likely to be smarter, healthier, better with kids, cheaper to buy, cheaper to own, and easier to house train! These issues are common complaints generated by modern purebred registered champion girlie pets! The true value of a pet is in the happiness that it brings to our life; NOT its pedigree! Please wait for videos to load if necessary. Videos must be viewed on a high speed unrestricted internet connection, on a PC with proper plug-ins. 90% of our visitors are able to view these videos with no problems. The videos are working correctly.  If you are unable to view them, please use a different PC. Scroll down to watch movies of our YorkiePoo puppies that are available at this time.

Q: Should I buy a male or a female puppy? 

A: Most male puppies neutered promply at 6 months of age will always squat to urinate like a female. Males are also often more confident than females,  and are therefore less likely to urinate in the floor by accident when they get nervous or excited! With all other things in the environment being equal, male puppies seem to like women better, while female pups often prefer men! Although a high percentage of our puppies are likely to love most family members, there can sometimes be an advantage in choosing a pup opposite the sex of the pup's intended favorite person! So many women are in love with a look or with the idea of putting dresses on their pet or putting bows in its ears, that they improve the chances that the dog won't like them as their favorite person just because they bought a female puppy. The fact that so many of these female "girlie" pets are childish also contributes to this situation, because these are the pets that most often prefer men over female owners.  It seems that every little girl thinks she wants a female puppy. I would recommend a male puppy for female owners, because females often like men better. I have had many complaints from women over the years that their female pet prefers a male family member, and doesn't like them!  A male puppy neutered at the correct time is no more likely to raise his leg than the female is to be nervous and tinkle. It is also common for young girls to be in love with the idea of dressing female puppies in pink, putting bows in the hair, etc.  A male puppy does not know that he is not a girl:)  He will not mind that his clothes and bows are pink, and you don't have to tell your friends that he is not a girl!  You can also save money by choosing a male also, since we often sell males cheaper (because 75% of our puppies are born males). It is also much cheaper to get males neutered than to spay females.

Q:  When is a puppy old enough to go home?

A:  Most puppy buyers are deceived to believe that it is OK for any puppy to go home as soon as it is no longer nursing it's mother.  This is true for many large breeds, but can be a recipe for disaster for toy size puppies.  The most common cause of puppies being taken to the emergency vet for thousands in energency IV's, etc, is being taken home too soon to endure the stress of travel, being handled excessively, and adapting to a new home.  This happens most often when families try to make puppies fit into their vacation, work schedule, or special event gift giving plans.  More and more parents try to give their children what the child wants with no regard for what actually works.  A small child will often take home a puppy that would fit into their pocket if the breeder and their parents would let them; very often to watch it die after about 3 days. Most small breeds should be at least 10 weeks old before going home, but any age up to 6 months is an ideal time. A three month or older puppy is a great age to endure the stress of going to your home, playing with an existing pet, or with your child.  You can also save hundreds by getting a puppy with the puppy shot schedule already completed and have the peace of mind in knowing that your puppy is not likely to get parvo virus! ! The slightly older puppies are most often available in the Fall when a few puppies remain because they were not taken due to vacation season and October syndrome- when hundreds of families won't buy til Christmas, when they all land here to fight over them at the same time.  Yes, we will work with you to reserve a pet to go home at a specific time.  We will gladly hold any pet for you if you place a deposit on it- up to 12 weeks for free;  $5.00/day to cover our expenses between 12 weeks and the time you pick up the puppy! We will be glad to face time with you to get a live look at a specific puppy before you place your deposit. Please call with any questions!

Click below to purchase and view ourYorkiePoo puppies breeds!- beautiful Yorkie Hybrid with Poodle puppies!  Did you know that we also have other similar super cute Yorkie Hybrids, like the Shorkie (Yorkie Hybrid X Shih Tzu).  Videos of these are also posted on this page. 


YorkieX/poo Puppies For Sale.  Pup 5 is available.  SALE! $500.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!


Yorkiepoo Pup For Sale.  Available.  $500.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!


Yorkiepoo Pup For Sale.  Available.  $1000.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!


YorkieX/poo Female.  SALE! $650.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!


Yorkiepoo Pup For Sale.  Available.  $1200.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!


Yorkiepoo Pup For Sale.  Available.  $1200.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!


Yorkiepoo Pup For Sale.  Available.  $1200.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!


Yorkiepoo Pup For Sale.  Available.  $1200.00  CASH, PAYPAL, OR US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Yorkiepoo puppies for sale!

We also have Shorkie puppies for sale! Shorkies are cross between the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) and a Shih Tzu.  Some of our Shorkie moms are 75% Yorkie Hybrids.  Call me if you want to talk about this issue.

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We are a family owned nursery and rescue (not a pet store or brokerage service). Consumer research statistics suggest that 50% of American puppy buyers immediately spent more at the vet than they paid for their puppies, and 1 of 3 pups died after excessive vet bills. Up to 50% of puppies adopted from public shelters, and up to 30% of pups nationwide, have died from parvovirus alone because parvovirus vaccines were not done beginning at 5 weeks of age. It takes years of hands on experience to do a better job with health care for baby animals. Pet owners and other inexperienced care givers only know how to pet puppies, and may even lie about vaccines given.  A huge vet bill is too often the result of buying from a scammer, pet owner, or from an inexperienced care giver. We at HealthyPups provide a care standard with more than 30 years experience! OUR pets receive 2 doses of Neopar parvovirus vaccine BEFORE going to their new homes. Vaccine sellers have repeatedly commented that Neopar is often the only vaccine that seems to consistently stop the spread of viruses in sick animal populations. Are OUR pets the ONLY pets that get 2 doses of Neopar prior to sale? Shouldn't YOUR puppy be a HealthyPup?

Shouldn't your new puppy come from a nursery with more than 30 years experience?  HealthyPups has been open to public visitors at the same address since 1982, and currently has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating! Please LIKE our facebook page- this is a public forum where you can read posts from others who have adopted pets from us! Visit our references pages to read testimonies of  others who have bought pets from us! READ to learn of the CONVENIENCE and PEACE OF MIND in choosing our pets!

Please visit "Our Facility" to learn the real truth about puppy mills, and how rescue terrorists are using media to scam the public out of 100,000,000.00+ per year in donations to save the animals, less than 1% of which may go to shelters. You will also learn about  hypoallergenic breeds, and how to manage  allergies/asthma/shedding withoutgroomer expenses, proper house training,  •scams by puppy sellers, importance of proper care standard, and visit our Frequently Asked Questions link to consider breed specific ownership costs and issues! Visit Why HealthyPups to learn about our veterinary technical care standard that has evolved through 30 years experience, and learn why most educated puppy shoppers would never even consider buying from anyone else! Please read, share, and bookmark our web site!

Up to 50% of puppies adopted through public shelter adoption programs, and 30% of puppies world wide from novice care givers, die from viruses alone after huge vet bills. Some older pets in our nation are dying from distemper now, simply because their puppy shots were not done properly. Shouldn't your puppy be a HealthyPup with proper vaccines and wellness exam ALREADY DONE beginning at 5 weeks of age? Our record speaks for itself; 0 pets lost to viral illnesses for many years now!

Our puppies have begun their proper CRATE TRAINING (NOT confusing pad or paper training in the home of an inexperienced pet owner).
•It is not a good idea to teach puppies to urinate on pads or paper unless you always want them to do so, because it can cause some pets to become confused and potty on rugs or other objects in the floor by accident later! 
•It is also not a good idea to buy a puppy that was raised in a pet owner home.  Most of these have already been accidentally pre-trained to urinate in the floor of their next home, unless you think buying pads and cleaning them would be more convenient for you than your pet going outside! We also raise many hybrid mixes, which are always easy to house train!

Come visit us, OR ground to door PUPPY SHIPPING is available to most areas! You may also make arrangements for our courier to ship to an airport near you!  Prices can sometimes be cheaper if courier is moving multiple pets to your area and does not make a trip just for your delivery.  Contact www.tailwagginpettransport.com for estimates.   The courier's name is Randy Smith.  You can call him at (740) 215-6164.

If visiting the kennel to pick up a pet in person, please PARK your vehicle in our concrete drive located beside our kennel sign.  Please do not drive to the kennel unless you are handicapped and unable to walk.  Your vehicle near the kennel can upset moms and cause them to accidentally injure or kill newborn puppies. Please do not wear flip-flops when coming to see pets, because these can slip on a concrete floor.


PUPPIES LOOK MUCH LARGER ON VIDEO THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE. PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO! I HAVE ATTEMPTED TO CREATE PERSPECTIVE. WE OFFER AN HONEST LOOK AT PUPPIES FOR SALE IN PRESENT CONDITION, ETC, NOT CUTE, PHOTOSHOPPED, MISREPRESENTED PHOTOS! I often have people visit to buy pets they have chosen on video, only to change their mind and buy a larger puppy when they see them in person,  because many worry that the puppy they had chosen is too small and fragile.


We do accept paypal.  The above PayPal emblem is NOT a link. A 30% deposit is required to reserve a puppy.  The remaining balance is due (cash preferred) if/when you visit us in person to pick up your pet at the recommended time to go home (70-84 days, depending on the breed you choose). All puppies to be shipped by ground to door courier  to your door must be paid in full by 9 weeks of age to avoid forfeiture of deposit. Courier delivery fees are paid directy to the courier upon delivery. (call Randy Smith at www.tailwagginpettransport.com for estimate).  You can pay through www.paypal.com by sending money to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please call for payal instructions),  or by mailing U.S. Postal money order to Rita Blackburn, 3455 White Plains Rd, Roaring River, NC 28669. (Please DO NOT type our address into your GPS if you want to visit. 70% who do this get lost because of errors in the maps software.  Driving directions WITHOUT ERRORS are posted in the information link). IMPORTANT! Please be sure to include pet description, plus your name, address, and phone number when sending money. Pets are considered sold to the first deposit received. Deposits are used toward the total purchase price of the pup, and are refundable or transferable only if we are unable to provide the pet you bought and reserved as agreed.

For those of you have done a good job reading my material, I do apologize for repeatedly reposting some of this material.  It is impossible to get some to read at all, and it is an even greater challenge to inform some folks to the point that we can be sure there's a reasonable chance we can have a mutually successful kennel visit!

Google and check the prices of others. You will find that no one offers a better care standard and price than HealthyPups! Puppies are very expensive in some areas of the world, and cost much less in others. If you live in one of those areas where puppies cost more, we invite you to come visit here to buy your next puppy,  OR let us SHIP ONE TO YOU! Our clients often save 50% or more, as compared with buying a pet in their local area! Please call us at (336) 957-3609 or email with any questions! For quick contact, please call.  Approximately half my emails get caught in the quarantine filter, and are delivered only once per 24 hours.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our care standard includes the following veterinary care ALREADY DONE at specific ages.  Minimum recommended age of adoption is 10 weeks, with any pet older than 10 weeks being a better value and more secure investment because of decreased risk of disease and stress related adaptive issues (travel, playing with children or other pets, etc).  5 weeks-Neopar. 7 weeks-Nobivac 5way. 9-10 weeks-Neopar. 13 weeks-Nobivac.  16 weeks Nobivac.  20 weeks Nobivac.  Rabies can be done at 16 weeks of age.  Puppies also have had fecal analysis and correction for parasites and bacterial imbalances that can cause problems in the near future. They get Ivomec Topical to prevent Sarcoptic and Demodectic Mange, Ear Mites, Fleas, and Ticks. Specific wormers are also given as needed. Coccidiostat is used to prevent protozoa. Heart worm preventatives are also up to date. Because one of every three pups sold in the US die from parvo virus each year, and because Neopar seems to be the only vaccine that is protecting against mutated strains of the virus, our goal is that your pet get TWO doses of Neopar BEFORE it goes home, and does not need veterinary care until booster vaccines are due! NOTHING is more important for your puppy than 2 doses of Neopar. A wise buyer should not adopt even a free puppy that did not get 2 Neopar vaccines! For those who want a healthy puppy with no immediate vet bills, NO PUPPY, not even a FREE puppy, is likely to be CHEAPER than ours!

These are a great choice for someone who wants a Yorkie type pet that is healthier,  easier to house train, and much cheaper to own and maintain!  Many of these look very much like pure bred Yorkies. These have short hair in the beginning, but the hair of most will grow to be longer later.   Most are likely to be low/non-shedders. We raise pure bred Yorkies and also hybrid mixes. Nothing is cuter than a pure bred Yorkie, but the mixes may be easier to train,  and cheaper to buy/own. A Yorkie Poo is a hybrid, or cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle, and the term is also used to describe similar combinations of mixes. Many of our Moms at healthypups, for example, are 50-75% Yorkie Hybrids (YorkieX), which are then bred to a Poodle. Yorkie Poos are a designer breed, and are sometimes also called Yorkie Doodles. The Yorkie Poo was created to produce a healthy, hypoallergenic non shedding pet. A Yorkie Poo is not eligible to be registered as a purebred because it is a hybrid, but can be registered with the hybrid registry. Physical characteristics may vary in Yorkie Poos depending on how they are bred. A Yorkie Poo may also be various other similar percentage mixes, such as Yorkie Poo with either pure bred Yorkie or Poodle. Size of the Yorkie Poo depends upon the size of the parent breed. The Yorkie Poo may also have a head like either of the parents. Yorkie Poo tails may be high or straight. Coat of the Yorkie Poo may be like the Yorkie, Poodle, or in between. The Yorkie Poo is born in several colors, including, white, grey, silver and brown. Yorkie Poo also can be parti-color. Yorkie Poos are considered hypo-allergenic and are popular with allergy patients, because Yorkie Poos don't shed. Dark colored Yorkie Poos can bleach and fade in the sun, and Yorkie Poos may gray as they grow older. Yorkie Poos are happy, smart, perky, and interactive. Yorkie Poos are alert and love people. Yorkie Poos are a good and devoted watch dog. Yorkie Poos like to be involved in family activities. Yorkie Poos are a popular companion dog. Yorkie Poos are active and energetic, but not very hyper. Yorkie Poos do well with children, and Yorkie poos love other animals. Yorkie Poos often live around 15 years, if they are not too small to be healthy over time. Yorkie Poos are normally a genetically healthy breed. Too small Yorkie Poos may have tracheal collapse, and tiny YorkiePoos may be sensitive to anesthesia. Yorkie Poos, like other similar breeds, need teeth cleaned occasionally. Yorkie Poos need to be brushed, bathed, and taken for hair cuts as needed. Yorkie Poos hair will need to be trimmed around eyes and ears. A Yorkie Poo does not require as much exercise as many breeds. Yorkie Poos do enjoy taking walks, and Yorkie Poos love to lay in your lap and get petted. A Yorkie Poo puppy is good for a house or apartment. Yorkie Poos do best indoors, as smaller Yorkie Poos are too small to stay warm outdoors in cold weather. A Yorkie Poo may love taking walks and playing outside, he is not a good choice to live out there. Yorkie Poos love people and enjoy human interaction. The Yorkie Poo is smart, and most Yorkie Poos are easy to train. Most Yorkie Poo dogs love to learn new tricks. Yorkie Poos love children, but smaller YorkiePoos can be injured by children, so play time may need supervision.