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HealthyPups.com Care Instructions, Purchase Information, Frequently Asked Questions, and Health Warranty!  Please take time to read! 

NO, you don't have to buy a puppy mill puppy being resold by a broker who co-owns breeding dogs with hundreds of breeders, scams you to believe they have hands-on raised the puppies, know all of the ancestors, and "HOW BIG" it's going to get! You don't have to buy from a pet owner who has already accidentally trained it to pee in your floor:) When you get on a website and see 50+ pages of puppies you will know they are lying to you because it's impossible for one breeder to house and care for 1000 puppies! Ask most people who are buying a puppy and 100% of them will tell you they don't want to buy from a puppy mill. Yet many of them will buy from a broker who pretends that they raised the puppy and that their breeders are part of their family and that the government inspects their homes. The truth is that most of these breeders are inspected only when someone calls Animal Control and complains. If the breeder sells to a broker and they do not have to deal directly with public, then no one complains and some of these breeders may never be inspected.  If you really want to buy a USDA standard government inspected puppy directly from the person who actually bred the puppy and doesn't have to lie about knowing its history,  we may have absolutely NO COMPETITION in search results, because almost all online sellers are either scammers or brokers who have created superficially impressive organizations.

Every family CAN afford a puppy, and SAVE MONEY in buying a good puppy. Bored families go out and waste money. Playing with a puppy at home is a free gift that continues to give, while superficial entertainment is one and done. We also gladly provide ownership education which can lower long term ownership costs, initial vet bills, and increase the life expectancy of your pet! Many buyers look for the cheapest puppy. We average 5 calls per day from those who have sent deposits to a scammer pretending to have a puppy, AND we regularly talk to folks who had unexpected vet bills from backyard puppies bought from inexperienced care givers and scammed by brokers. You are much less likely to have unexpected expenses from an experienced breeder. Our knowledge has come through 40+ years of hands on experience with the same group of pets.  Not even our senior vets have likely had this unique learning opportunity! The best answer for our next best friend is preventative maintenance-NOT pet insurance or long term warranty scams. Our goal is that you have the best life with your puppy, AND that you don't get scammed by those who want to sell you goods and services throughout the life of your p! Healthy Pups is a family owned nursery open for business on this property since 1982! We focus on better care standard, diverse gentics to improve mental and physical health of our puppies, so they are genetically healthy with wonderful personalities, and preventative ownership education that can reverse and prevent many canine diseases! Having more experience than almost anyone else in the pet business, we enjoy sharing our valuable experiences to help you have a better pet ownership experience, and to improve your chances of having a longer and better quality life with your pet! 

Healthy Pups is USDA STANDARD, GOVERNMENT INSPECTED, and a quarantine nursery! I once imported a rare breed puppy from Italy. I paid $11,000.00 plus shipping for this puppy and had it die from parvovirus in less than 1 week. The puppy had been exposted to a virus before being shipped to me, and the vaccine that it had been given did not protect it. Everyone is wrong in thinking a virus won't happen to me, that a shot can protect it, and that the vet can fix it. A virus at the emergency vet in today's world can cost enough to buy a reasonably nice used car, and most tiny puppies aren't surviving the latest strain of this virus.  IMAGINE having to disassemble and bleach down your home before you can get another puppy after a parvo puppy has contaminated your home with shed viruses.  This is why we keep young puppies in quarantine, with carefully supervised bio secure visits with public. You can visit to see puppies by appointment. Please CALL to make arrangements for the visit! However, visitors may pet only they puppy that they are taking home because none of us can afford a puppy virus. Would you trust that people window shopping for a puppy did not already pet a sick puppy while visiting other breeders, or have another puppy at home that may be shedding viruses because it was just vaccinated? Unfortunately, many people will lie to get what they want at the moment, and may bring your puppy a virus from another breeder if we let public freely pet them. A WISE PERSON WOULD NOT BUY FROM A BREEDER OR PET STORE WHO WOULD LET YOUR CHILDREN COME AND PLAY WITH THE PUPPIES! We can show you individual puppies OR a small puppy group of your choosing in person OR through video chat. You can come to pick up a puppy curbside OR you can see multiple pets in person as a group. It is important to realize that you don't have to wait IF we know which puppy you want BEFORE you come because we can bathe the puppy, do the wellness exam, and have your paperwork done when you arrive. If you come to look at multiple pets, especially on a day when we're having other visitors already scheduled to pick up pups, you may have to wait while we bathe your puppy and get it ready to go home.  There also may be delays if we are already helping another family at the same time we are visiting with other families who are taking home those puppies that we have already prepared for pickup. To look at individual puppies or a small group of puppies through video chat and come for curbside pickup of the one you want to take home is the smarter way to do this! Our puppies are bred with diverse genetics to produce wonderful personalities, so this is not a concern!

An established puppy seller who has no negative reviews is a scammer with FAKE reviews!

It is sad that 90% of those who will take time to leave reviews are angry. Most happy people won't take the time to review. Public doesn't realize that no one can deal with people and living things without incident because much of science is a scam that disagrees with reality, and living things are fragile and subject to proper care after going home. Those who believe in science are often angry because of the DNA testing scam, which is accurate only if their puppy comes from the same marker group as the DNA test marker itself. Many purebred dogs will not have an agreeable DNA test, and no dog with diverse genetics so as to allow for good health, intelligence, and good personality is likely to get a matching DNA result. We have repeatedly seen littermate siblings test as having no ancestors in common. When you read reviews of established repeat sellers that do not contain complaints of viruses, DNA mismatch, or parasites, and "genetic" diseases, you know you are being scammed by a seller with fake reviews generated by reputation management software or cleansing companies. All of these issues are often blamed on breeders by inexperienced vets who have vaccinated puppies too small and too young that caused giardia blooms, heart murmurs, or a vaccine induced virus. Poor choices in foods and commercial doggie treats can result in puppies quickly developing diseases that vets most often diagnose as genetic issues.  Politically bias rescue hecklers, science junkies, or kids who failed to read our material and follow instructions are likely to leave negative reviews. 

To read honest reviews NOT generated by reputation management software or cleansed by review removal companies, visit our REFERENCES link.

You can also interact with hundreds of past customers who have bought our pets on FACEBOOK! Learn about ownership education and why EXPERIENCE in preventative councel can help prevent long term diseases in your puppy! Learn about PET POLITICS in OUR FACILITY!! YES, you can come pick up a puppy WITHOUT sending a deposit, OR, if you want to reserve the puppy until you come to get it at your convenience, place a $200.00 scam proof paypal deposit and pay nothing else until you come! We will also be glad to work with Flight Nannies and courier services of your choosing that come to pick up your pet for you and be delivered at an airport of your choosing! Puppy brokers constantly reinvent themselves to erase negative reviews, scam you with pre-training options, and a health warranty that's void unless you make health plan payments for the next 10 years and buy thousands in their doggie treats! Our pets come WITH an HONEST health warranty, and WITHOUT a fabricated history....pets that truly ARE from our family to yours! Click here to view ALL AVAILABLE PUPS together on the same page!  Click on links with SPEAKERS ON to watch videos! Read under the videos for price, and inside the video interface for specific visitor guidelines, purchase information, and sales policies. Please note that some pups in the videos have just been bathed and may shiver. Covid has brought many challenges to families, and a few have gotten sick unexpectedly or died, and could not take home the pet they had reserved. As a result of this, we do have a few slightly older pets on sale with more shots and veterinary work already done, which are a great age/size to play with an existing pet and survive your children! ALL of them have great personalities!  We invite YOU to explore our website and references! Read, listen, and call to discuss our breeding practices plus care standard. You will discover why so many professionals rank Healthy Pups as one of the best breeders internationally, and why so many families would never trust their pet experience to anyone else! We invite YOU to be a part of the Healthy Pups family! CALL to schedule a Facetime, Google Duo, or Facebook Messenger video chat with our pets today BEFORE you drive out to see us! WARNING- 1 gal of milk weighs 8.6 lbs. Pups in our videos are much smaller than they appear! Children taking home puppies that are too young and too small because they think the tiniest one is the cutest is the leading cause of unexpected vet bills in America today! Please call to discuss these issues! (336) 957-3609

UPCOMING LITTERS at Healthy Pups include Shichon Teddy Bear, Yorkie, Yorkiepoo, Bichpoo, Toy Lap sized Goldendoodle, Mini Goldendoodle, Schnoodle, Pompoo, Puggles, Fruggle, Frenchton, Maltipoo,  Mini Airedoodle, Cavapoo, Pekeapoo, Havapoo, Shih Tzu, Shihpoo, and Morkiepoo.

Q: Should I buy a male or a female puppy?
  The pre-programmed ideology of people is easily the most difficult thing I deal with in pet public wanting puppies.  Too many women and children think they want the tiniest little female puppy they can get. They never stop to consider if the dog is big enough to be healthy and function independently as an adult, or if the puppy will love them later.  Unfortunately, many of their misconceptions are founded upon poor information.  MALE puppies also make great pets.  A male puppy neutered at the proper time is no more likely to raise his leg and urinate in the home than a female is to tinkle by accident when she gets nervous or excited. Males are often more confident than females and are therefore less likely to be a submissive urinator! With all other things being equal, male puppies seem to like women better, while female pups often prefer men! Over the years, many women who have bought female puppies have complained that SHE loves my dad, my husband, my boyfriend, my brother, but she doesn't like me! Although a high percentage of our puppies are likely to love most family members, there can sometimes be an advantage in choosing a pup opposite the sex of the pup's intended favorite person! So many women are in love with a look or with the idea of putting dresses on their pet or putting bows in its ears, that they improve the chances that the dog won't like them as their favorite person just because they bought a female puppy. The fact that so many of these female "girlie" pets are childish also contributes to this situation, because these are the pets that most often prefer men over female owners!

Q:  When is a puppy old enough to go home, and why do we have a few older puppies for sale?

A:   TIME is one thing that few families can give up in our busy lifestyles. Every year, every facet of our culture becomes more polarized, with every family playing baseball, soccer, football, vacations,  graduations, halloweening, etc, simultaneously.   Most families feel that they have time for a pet in their busy lifestyles at all times, but they can only bring home a new puppy when nothing else is going on because they want to spend the first few days bonding with and training their puppy when they first bring it home.  Unfortunately for puppies, many are born at times that makes their go home date in the middle of an event that every family with children almost without exception is doing simultaneously.  Every child is in love with the idead of getting a tiny cute puppy and taking it home, NOT in love with buying a teenage puppy/young dog that cannot compete with the cuteness of the tiniest puppy, so especially summertime children and spoiling parents will pick the tiniest/youngest puppy while even a slightly older/larger puppy gets left behind!  When children are choosing pets, most always choose the smallest puppy on the website. This is the most unintelligent thing that puppy buyers do, because all of the puppies are in the process of growing to the approximate size of the other dogs in the gene pool. 80% of them are likely to be similar in size to their parents. The best way to choose a smaller puppy is listen to videos and hear the size of the parents.  The age of the puppy is what determines how much of that growth has already occurred. A smart puppy buyer should choose a puppy from smaller parents if they want a small dog, but one that has already grown enough that it can go home and the kids play with it and not land at the vet because it wasn't big enough to survive too much handling stress. The sad part is that the slightly older and larger puppy will grow to be a young adult a few short weeks and expensive vet visits to complete shots later, and it will remain as big as it's going to get for the rest of it's life! It's easy to save lots of money by getting an older puppy that's on sale and not having to do as many vet visits to complete the puppy shots! Older puppies typically do not get parvoviruses, also! NOTHING is wrong with a puppy you may see on our website that may be a few weeks older.  They were born at the wrong time when families were simultaneously busy, or got left behind because someone got sick, etc, in most cases. Some of the older puppies on our site are from the home of a breeder who got her c o v i d  shot and died from blood clotting in less than one week-a sad story in which we didn't want these pups to be sent to the shelter.

Many people have the idea that they want the youngest and tiniest puppy that they can take home because it is the cutest and it will fall in love with me more quickly, since younger puppies are likely less inhibited.  A wise puppy buyer would seek out and be willing to pay MORE for a slightly older puppy because it is a more secure and less problematic investment. Most puppy buyers are deceived to believe that it is okay for any puppy to go home as soon as it is no longer nursing.  This is true for many large breed puppies but can be a recipe for disaster for toy size puppies.  The most common cause of puppies being taken to the emergency vet for thousands in emergency IV's, etc, is being taken home too soon or too small to endure the stress of travel, being handled excessively, and adapting to a new home.  This happens most often when families try to make puppies fit into their vacation, work schedule, or special event gift giving plans.  More and more parents try to give their children what the child wants with no regard for what works, so the children almost always pick the tinest puppy and the larger one is left to grow bigger and older.  A small child will often take home a puppy that would fit into their pocket if the breeder and their parents would let them; very often to watch it die after about 3 days from stress related issues or to have ongoing fail to thrive problems. The parents of the child, rather than accepting responsibility for their poor choices, parenting and puppy care skills, will get online to blame the breeder through attack blogs and leave negative reviews. Their vet will look for even an isolated trace of a bacterium or parasite and blame the breeder because he doesn’t know how much stress has already occurred.  Most vets do not understand the relationship between microorganisms and dogs.  Handling stress, being vaccinated to early or too small, going home when too small, etc, can weaken the immune systems of too tiny/too young puppies and can cause blooms of parasites, especially giardia lamblia, that can make puppies sick very quickly.  Experiments of scientists have proven that ALL adult dogs are carriers of worms and protozoa.  Puppies born to moms that have just been dewormed and medicated are still born with parasites, even in sterile laboratory environments.  Blooms of parsites do not mean that the breeder did not do a good job. It means that the puppy was not large or strong enough to handle the stress at home that it was subjected to, or that it was vaccinated too soon or too often.  Anything that weakens the immune system of the puppy will allow parasites to grow stronger. Puppies must build their own immune responses,  after which they become an asymptomatic carrier like the mother that they inherited them from.  Puppies should not be vaccinated until they are at least 3 lbs, as severe reactions and giardia blooms may result. DO NOT allow your vet to vaccinate your puppy until 3 lbs!  Although larger breeds can go home sooner, most smaller to tiny breeds should be at least 10-12 weeks old and at least 3 lbs before going home.  Any age up to 6 months is an ideal time to take home a puppy. Every puppy needs to be old enough and strong enough to endure the stress of going to your home, playing with an existing pet, or with your child.  Slightly older puppies at reduced prices are sometimes available because they were not taken due to vacation season and October syndrome- when hundreds of families won't buy until Christmas, then they all land here to fight over them at the same time.  Yes, we will work with you to reserve a pet to go home at a specific time.  We will be glad to facetime with you to get a live look at a specific puppy before you place your deposit so you get a better idea of how big it really is. All puppies look much larger in videos than they actually are. We often have people choose pets from the videos and want a larger puppy after being shocked to see how tiny it is when they see it in person. Is it really worth risking that your puppy die after being "loved to death" from taking it home too soon when it will have in most cases accomplished most of its adult size in as little as 6 months after you buy it? Please call with any questions! 

Q: Do you ship puppies?

A: We will work with any shipper of your choice if you want to have someone pick up your puppy here and drive it or fly it to your home anywhere in the continental United States.  We can refer you to courier services that ship to the local area, to charlotte Airport to meet flight nannies at the gate, or services that do ground to door delivery as far west as Texas and all of Eastern U.S.  Cost to Charlotte airport is $200.00 if courier makes a special trip, or $1.00 mile one way if delivering pets at his convenience nation wide.  For pet nanny air services,  MJC Doggie Delivery Company at (770) 648-4942 for estimates; also flightnannyqtpettransport.com (330) 961-1198.  We can also reccomend local couriers that you can hire to drive a puppy to your home. Cost of this is $1.00 mile both ways. A courier can also meet you at the Charlotte, NC airport and you fly home with your puppy. Call me for referrals. TJ Martins of www.savannahcarriers.com does Eastern U.S. at $1.00 mile from 3707 White Plains Rd, Roaring River, NC 28669 to your address. Simply ask your phone to get driving directions/distance from your place to ours and you will have a delivery estimate to your home. Phone for T.J. Martins ground to your door delivery is (646) 251-2549.  All fees to pet nannies and couriers are paid directly to them; not to Healthy Pups. Ground to door carriers accept payment at delivery.  Payments to Healthy Pups for purchase of the puppy must be paid before a puppy can be picked up by a shipper.  You must coordinate and hire shippers as your agents.  I post these suggestions because others have used these services and did not get scammed.

Q: How do I know if a puppy is available?

A:  ALL puppies on the website are available.  We try to update the website immediately after each sale because we don't want anyone to fall in love with a puppy they cannot have!

Q: Can you send updated photos, videos, and do facetimes because we are soooo excited! 

A: Yes, we can do this. I also love dogs and understand your excitement!  However, please use restraint in requesting photos of your puppy after you have placed a deposit. Our goal is that the puppy is healthy and able to go home with you on time, and unnecessary bathing and stress is not good for tiny puppies!

Puppy prices are posted under each video, and are subject to change due to market prices. Our prices are better than almost anyone else who has puppies for sale online because we actually raise our own puppies in our $1,000,000.00 kennel facility.  We don't have to share our money with the breeder of the puppy like the brokers must do. This website is updated after each individual sale. We don’t want anyone falling in love with a puppy that they cannot have. Please check our first page google competitors and you'll love our prices.  Puppies will be posted to the web site when they are old and strong enough to not be bothered by this process. Buyers may see the pups and choose a puppy at that time. Those who have paid deposits will be called when pups they might like are posted.  If you see puppies on this site with prices that say deposits pending, this means that those who have placed deposits are choosing their pups at this time.  Puppies that are posted with prices are for sale to public. If you would like to see photos of past puppies or chat with others who have bought pets from us so that you can be confident that we are not a scam, please visit our facebook page, which can be entered through our references link.  If you would like to be notified immediately when new puppies are posted and have an opportunity to buy before they are sold, you may send a deposit of $200.00 to be on the waiting list. This deposit goes toward the purchase price of your puppy, and is forfeited if you choose to not purchase the puppy.  Do not place a deposit on a puppy if you are not sure of the one you want, or are not willing to wait.   Many are interested in multiple types of pets, therefore it is impossible for me to know exactly when I can offer you a puppy because I do not know what puppy those on the list before your deposit may choose.   After you reserve your puppy, we need to take it off the website so others will not be asking to buy it.  We understand your excitement, SO please do a screen shot of your pup from the individual post, and record your video with your phone immediately when making a deposit so you are not without photo and video. Instructions for buying/reserving/viewing/picking up a puppy are posted in every puppy interface under each video.  Please read!  Thanks!

Q: Why do you keep the puppies in QUARANTINE and ask visitors to begin looking at the puppies though video and live video chat?
  Because this is the only way to keep them healthy. Over the past 40+ years of doing pets, I can remember many times that public animal shelters were closed down and every dog in them put to sleep because this is the only way that animal control could stop the spread of viruses within the group. This is what can happen when people and animals come in and out freely with no restrictions. A puppy with a virus can cost lots of money at the emergency vet next week and still may not survive.  In most cases puppies are vulnerable to viruses that adult dogs do not get sick from. This is why puppies should be kept away from other animals AND from people who may have petted other animals until their immune system matures through a natural immune system development with the aid of vaccines. If we let one person come and pet the puppies we must let everyone pet the puppies. All properly bred dogs have great personalities after adapting to your home, so this is not an issue. An intelligent buyer who can't afford to have a sick puppy would refuse to buy from a seller who lets public window shop and pet them OR from a broker who brings in truck loads of puppies from backyard breeders from across our nation and lets them share sickness/diseases with one another. Many people will lie to get whatever they want, so we cannot trust that visitors will not come to play with our pets after visiting pets at other locations that may be sick with viruses or parasites.   40 years experience has taught us that just one sick puppy coming from outside sources can bring viruses, parasites, and diseases to the kennel group and make ALL of the puppies sick. This is why it's IMPOSSIBLE for our competitors to broker puppies that come from Amish farms/rural breeders/puppy mills and keep them healthy. This is also why there are so many puppies that get sick after being adopted at public shelters.  Even a free puppy is NOT always cheaper.  It can be unwise to buy a puppy from a pet owner whose house pets are going outside and may bring problems back inside to their babies until the puppies have been properly vaccinated. It definitely not a good idea to buy from a seller who allows public to come pet/visit their puppies! If you can't afford unexpected expenses at the emergency vet next week with a new puppy, then a puppy from our QUARANTINE might be the only logical choice for you!  All of our puppies are bred with diverse genetics to ensure good mental health, physical health, and wonderful personalities, so you don't need to worry about this issue!

Q: Do you finance puppies?
A:  We will gladly allow you to send payments in advance for a puppy.  However, all pets must be paid in full before they go home.  We do not offer in house financing for pets after sale, but we do accept credit cards, which you can pay off as you wish!

Q: Can I buy a pre-trained puppy from Healthy Pups?

A: Yes, we do have a puppy trainer that will work in training your puppy.  The cost of this is $500.00 per week.  The trainer focuses on basic obedience skills that can make it easier to work with your puppy at home. He works on the command to sit, come, lay down, yes, and no. He also begins to use the name you choose for your puppy so your pet will begin to recognize it. We begin the crate training phase and do not allow your pet to urinate on pads and papers unless you want to pad train the puppy. This gives your puppy the idea that the crate is his safe home and doesn't give him the freedom to establish a potty spot in your living area. You should realize that pad trained puppies can become confused and also potty on your rugs. Our trainer can begin outdoor potty training or pad training.  Removing rugs from your home is the best option for having a pad trained pet. Our training program also focuses on walking with harness and leash, riding in the car to help overcome fear and motion sickness, and getting more comfortable with bathing. The lasting effectiveness of this at home will be dependent on the time spent with our trainer AND you continuing to enforce this training with your puppy. You can choose a puppy to work with the trainer. Older puppies respond better in training than tiny puppies just ready to go home. Toy and Mini Doodles are a really good size for a house pet, and a great choice for this program. All mixes, especially if a few weeks older, are also a great choice because of diverse genetics and greater intelligence!  Also, older puppies can be vaccine complete, saving you money for puppyshots already done at your vet. More shots completed should also make it safe for your puppy to be outdoors!

Over the past 40 years of business, I have witnessed the rise and fall of pet stores that bought pets from puppy mills and resold them for huge profits. Over time, public not willing to buy their pets caused them to go out of business. However, there is no law against co-ownership of pets in America. Now, most of the pet stores are online, pretending to breed while co-owning and still buying from puppy mills to resale pets. The pet stores now call themselves clubs, breeder networks, family breeder organizations, etc.  Many of these brokers are liars and scammers who add endearing ambiguous descriptions like “teacup”and give them cute names, even though you should have the right to name your puppy! They promise extended warranties and pre training in order to scam you into paying thousands for a pup that they may have bought from an Amish farmer for a very small price, and will pee on your rug after being only pad trained.  (You don't learn until you read the fine print later that you must pay 50% of regular retail to get a replacement puppy, buy $5000.00 in doggie vitamins over the next 10 years while they get kickbacks, or enroll in their health care plan and make monthly payments for basic care while major problems cost extra).  Proper house training that actually works must be done by you in your home.  An established outdoor potty spot by the breeder cannot go home with your puppy! Don't listen to their scams!  Don't you deserve better?  40 years experience has taught me that canine diseases are caused by malnutrition and toxicity because dogs seem to be the only other creature that develops the same degenerative diseases as humans.  I can often guess what kind of pet products were used in the last pet when pet owners tell me when and what type of disease occurred in their dog prematurely.  My opinion is that only an unknowing or dishonest seller would promise a health warranty that is subject to proper choices on the part of the caregiver without being transparent of these facts, since care after the sale is something that no seller can control.

Up to 1 of 3 puppies sold in the U.S each year by pet owners, and half of shelter pets go home with their new owners and die during the first week, producing unexpected vet bills and broken hearts because they were raised by inexperienced care givers and without quarantine. Our buyers almost never experience pre-existing health issues with our puppies!  The greatest contributing factor to baby puppy deaths is that people in love with holding tiny puppies in their laps, think they want the smallest dog they can possibly get. This also means that they often choose the youngest and tiniest puppy that may not yet be old enough to withstand the stress of leaving its mother, adapting to a new environment, and having its routine interrupted by pet owners and their children. This can cause puppy deaths after huge vet bills. Small breeds reach most of their adult frame size by only 20 weeks, so the idea of getting the tiniest and youngest puppy can not only be a bad idea; it is also overrated.  It takes many years to learn how to care for puppies and prevent potential problems. I have been doing pets since 1982 and have come to appreciate the value of experience. Most puppy buyers who go home and have even minor problems with our puppies are limited to those who don't follow instructions properly. In earlier years, it was common for problems to occur with the imperfect pets we sold.  It can take years of hands on experience to quickly identify and prevent potential problems with baby animals.  An angry puppy buyer can encourage one to learn very quickly! This is one reason why so many pet owners selling puppies want to meet the buyer in public, or will only ship to the buyer. This way the buyer doesn't know where the seller lives, and often doesn't even know the seller’s true identity, so they can simply not answer the cell phone if there is a problem! Puppy buyers with no common sense, after being brainwashed by rescue terrorists and media, hold the breeder of their puppy 1000 times more responsible for the health of their puppy than the doctor for the health of their sick child. Google search reviews and you'll find people who will warn you not to go to THAT doctor, dentist, hair stylist, nail salon, garage, hospital, etc.  Their opinions are formed by their personal experiences, and their experiences by their perceptions and mental health, which varies within people.  Bad experiences are caused by bad decisions in many cases, and most importantly by inability to do things correctly.  Even though tiny puppies are just as fragile as human children, a puppy raised by a professional breeder does not have the same right to be sick as a human child. It is my opinion that rescue organizations almost always suggest that everyone adopt, staging success stories of questionable adoptions which encourage more donations, even though it is common for shelter puppies to die from viruses alone, and most pets that can be adopted at public shelters seem to be large breed mixes that are too big for house pets. They also suggest that all puppies should be born in human homes, even though breeding dogs not spayed and neutered at the proper time mark their territory and discharge in the home and are often sent to the shelter. The problems created by deliberate rescue misinformation are the main reasons why so many breeders get discouraged and quit after only a few litters, and also one of the main reasons why so many pets (because they were not spayed/neutered at the proper time) eventually die in shelters because of irreversible behaviors common to the reproductive process, after being raided from a secure home in a kennel facility in which the dog was free to pee or discharge at will:) An average of 10 people call us per week who have already been scammed by sellers pretending to have puppies for sale. Do not get online and believe the rescue industry when they say that you should save a life- adopt NOT shop, and that the world is overpopulated with puppies.  There is a shortage of the small breed puppies that most want as house pets, and many ads online are complete scams! NEWS FLASH- Grandma is NOT going to save the pitbull mix at your shelter and make him her lap dog even if these toy breeds are not bredI have learned through the years that a care standard must NOT be limited to feeding and petting, but proper vaccines beginning at the proper time, AND constant fecal analysis with my microscope. It is also important for us to keep the pets in complete quarantine when they are tiny. This allows me to maintain the pets in good condition and deal with problems before the pet shows symptoms, reducing immediate vet bills for the puppy's next owner, and reducing the risk of heart broken children after learning that the pet has a serious problem after they have fallen in love with it.

Q: Are they already house trained?

A:  I recently visited a competitor’s web site and saw that they were selling pre-trained puppies for $7500.00. This in most cases means that they have thrown a puppy pad in the floor and allowed the puppy to potty on it, which most puppies will instinctively do. We strongly disagree with this approach because many pet owners do not want their dog to always potty in their floor and are not going to be happy with this later. It is not a good idea to teach puppies to urinate on pads or paper unless you always want them to always do so, because it can cause some pets to become confused and potty on rugs or other objects in the floor by accident later! It is also not a good idea to buy a puppy that was raised in a pet owner home before it was old enough to begin proper house training, unless you think buying pads and cleaning them would be more convenient for you than your dog going outside! It is also problematic at best to train a puppy to go outside and potty before selling it to another owner because the potty spot cannot go to the new home with the puppy! The new owner must work to make sure the puppy establishes an outdoor potty spot in his new home. A puppy must be trained in his forever home by his owner.  This is easy to do with a correct crate training regimen.  If you need to learn about house training your puppy, search for videos on youtube- how to crate train a puppy! A good video is also posted at midwesthomesforpets.com. Our puppies have begun their proper CRATE TRAINING (NOT confusing pad or paper training in the home of an inexperienced pet owner or broker scammer).

Come visit us, OR we can work with a shipper of your choice to get a puppy delivered to your home or nearby airport!  

BEWARE of cute photoshopped pictures (one of the reasons why we show pets on video) too cute with prices too low to be true. The newspapers and internet are filled with scams of brokers and con artists who don't even have pets for sale.  You should never agree to send money for shipping, reserving a puppy, etc., without doing lots of research. I constantly receive calls from folks who have lost money.  You should also never buy a pet from someone who will only agree to ship to you or meet you, and does not want you visit their location. Most of these folks will tell you they are trying to protect their pets from the spread of disease or that you would get lost trying to find them as a ploy to keep you from seeing their animal care situation:)

Which puppy has the best personality?

A: People sometimes spend hours trying to decide which puppy has the best personality. They watch our puppy videos and observe their behavior.  It is important to note that most of the puppies have just had their baths before videos are made.  Bathing makes them shiver and shake.  This does not mean that they have a bad personality:) After feedback from several thousand past puppy buyers, I have learned that there doesn't seem to be a significant difference between the personalities of mentally healthy dogs once they are adapted and settled into their new homes.  While some puppies may seem to be more shy or afraid when you take them home, remember that they have met you for the first time, and this should be interpreted as a show of intelligence because you can at least be sure that the puppy realizes that you are a total stranger that may be a threat to him.  If you buy one of the girlie pets that has been subjected to 50+ years of breeding his cousins together just to make them pretty for the dog show, he may never quit wagging the tail and licking even total strangers in the face. You might think he's sweet, but you may always wonder if the dog can remember who you were from yesterday.  Many visitors have commented over the years that some of these linebred pets could never remember anything about their house training:)  Some purebred dogs have a good personality-some are unbalanced or retarded, while all mixes are great pets. Older pups, and purebred puppies are often slower to adapt when you take them home.  It is best to buy a mix if you want the best opportunity for a consistently great kid friendly personality and potential for better physical health.

Q: I can't afford it now, or I need to wait until.....

A: Many things become a part of the decision to get a pet, such as waiting until after vacation or other special event.  What about vacations in the future or special events in the future after you own the pet?  What are you going to do for entertainment while you are waiting to "afford" the puppy? We all must be entertained in some way.  Nothing is cheaper than a puppy, because a puppy is the entertainer that once home and trained, provides endless hours of repeated joy. Most people CAN afford to buy a puppy, because they WILL SPEND THAT MONEY in some way because they are bored and need to entertain themselves. Start with buying a healthy puppy from healthy pups and save the money you would spend entertaining your family elsewhere. For most families, a good puppy costs nothing over time. It is in effect a FREE puppy- entertainment that keeps on giving.  As for when to buy, I have found that life is so busy for the average family, that there is never a time in life that is a perfectly convenient time to buy a puppy. My suggestion is to buy the puppy and let the puppy blend into your life events, instead of allowing the new pet to be a disruption and interfere with normal family function.

Q: How much do they shed?

A: Three basic coat choices are available in dogs of all breeds. Short-haired dogs do shed. Most of this is limited to shedding the winter coat in the springtime and indoor shedding can be reduced by brushing outdoors. New tools like the Furminator comb are available now that can reduce the shedding of short coat dogs by up to 90%. Some of the silky long-coated breeds are low or non-shedders. These types of pets have significant grooming and maintenance expenses over the life of your pet.  The only other option to completely avoid both haircuts and shedding is to buy a hairless pet.

The idea that the pet does not shed is the single greatest factor that will complicate your pet ownership experience. Since most pure bred non-shedding pets are old favorites that have in many cases been subjected to years of line breeding just to make them look pretty for the dog show, some of the pets that don't shed are in my opinion more likely to be less healthy, less intelligent, and three times more expensive to own. Hypoallergenic mixes are a great choice.  If you are interested in a non-shedding dog because you have allergies, please also see our allergies link. 

Q: Which are your best and most affordable pets for kids?

A: All of the pets that we raise here are excellent choices to befriend your children! Call me to discuss these issues in detail.  Pet owners tend to think only of the pleasant part of pet ownership issues, like “I want the smallest one so I can carry him everywhere I go, and he’ll feel good in my lap.”  Most never think of the inconveniences of having a dog that’s too small to get up and down, so you have to help him all the time, even when you’re busy. I sometimes talk to pet owners whose too small dog splintered his leg beyond repair in jumping down from the sofa or had liver/kidney failure at only 5 years old. I also get many calls from pet owners whose last dog was stolen by a chicken hawk or owl when outside to use the bathroom. My advice to every pet owner, is DON’T CHOOSE PETS THAT ARE TOO SMALL, if you want a long lived and healthy pet. Please call me for advice.  Dogs with healthy size and anatomy can live into their 20’s if owners feed them dry food only, no doggie treats of any kind except tidbits of raw beef from the freezer, and not let them sleep under covers so they get cataracts and go blind.

Q: How big do they get?

A: Most of the pets we sell here are in the 5-25 lb size range. Most people who are attracted to indoor pets generally agree that the smallest one is the cutest. The childishness of people is easily the most difficult thing we deal with.  So many people only think of holding and carrying the tiniest puppy, but they never think of the dog jumping from their lap and killing itself when it hits the floor, being stolen by a bird when it goes outside to potty, being stepped on,  having seizures, vaccine reactions, or finding it dead from sugar drop.  These things are considered normal in too tiny puppies. Most also never consider the inconvenience of having a 3 lb handicapped pet that cannot interact independently.  If you choose a dog that is too tiny then accept that these things are much more likely to occur than in pets that are slightly larger!  A gallon of milk weighs almost 9 lbs.  If it were within my control, the word teacup would not be a part of dog language. We are using this term to describe puppies that are likely to be 10 lbs and less as an adult. A few of these teacup puppies will inherit size genetics from ancestors and possibly grow more than 10 lbs.  Although the word teacup is an ambiguous description that means different things to different people, most people think a teacup dog is 10 lbs and under. Remember the weight of a gallon of milk when you read the weights of our puppies and their parents. This should give you some perspective when thinking of what size you want your next pet to be!

Q: How long do they live?

A: Many factors can impact the life expectancy of a pet. Average life spans for a 3 lb pet are 4-7 years, while a 10-12 lb pet is likely to live 14-16 years. It is those 15-20 lb active breeds with healthy anatomy and no long hair to get in their eyes and make them go blind that seem to do the best.  One visitor told me that his giant size 25 lb Rat Terrier lived 31 years; another that his Beagle lived to be 24. Most problems with adult dogs occur as a result of unhealthy diet over time.  After almost 40 years of dealing with pet owners, I can often guess what type of poisonous doggie treats they fed that caused the onset of a prematurely present disease.

Q: Should I buy a purebred puppy or a mix? 

A:  As a young boy growing up in elementary school, I learned about the importance of proper genetics to mental and physical health.  6 siblings attended our school from the same family.  None of them were mentally healthy. These kids found even simple things to be mentally challenging.  They grew up to be adults that could barely survive on their own- cashing their disability checks, driving and maintaining a car, and struggling to cook food without burning their house down. In school years, I always felt sorry for them.  As an adult, I became aware that these issues were not their fault.  They were not mentally healthy because their parents were first cousins.  I have since learned that the same things are being done in our companion animals just to make them look pretty.  Breeding dogs that are related to one another not only destroys mental health in the offspring, but also intensifies genetic information for defects.  Properly bred dogs from diverse genetics are always intelligent, affectionate, funny,  and so physically healthy that they have no need for health testing.  Defects that are diagnosed in properly bred dogs are almost exclusively the results of malnutrition and toxic pet products, with tiny dogs developing problems from this much more quickly than dogs that are slightly larger. They are starving for proper foods while being poisoned by many pet products that were not meant for canine consumption.

After having to give away many fancy pedigreed show dogs bought for breeding purposes, especially over the past 15 years because they were mentally retarded and often presented genetic defects, we now breed pet dogs NOT from pedigreed bloodlines and mix them as possible.  We do many intentional mixes, and we intentionally use similar mixes as sires in some litters if we can get more beautiful colors, etc. This is often possible if both are considered medically hypoallergenic pets, and does not affect the potential for shedding, but may produce many beautiful colors:).  These mixes are typically mentally and physically healthier than most purebreds.  I am sometimes dumbfounded by the questions people ask when calling about pets. Some ask, "are they registered", as if this makes them a greater prize.  I would estimate that at least one-third of the registered dogs that I have seen in past years were not purebreds, AND I would also estimate that purebred line bred pedigreed show dogs are three times more likely to be mentally incompetent and have weird health problems and die young than mixes. I will never understand why some pet owners are dumb enough to think expensive registered show dogs are better.  You would be surprised if you knew how many of these tiny show champions don't live more than 3 years before having liver disease, kidney failure, or other "too small" health problems because their health has been compromised by line breeding for show purposes just to make them look pretty.  Many of them are also untrainable, aggressive, whimpy, hyper, nuisance barkers, submissive urinators, can’t be housetrained, don’t like children, etc. They are often not mentally or physically healthy because of select breeding to improve outward appearance.

A growing number of pet owners, thinking that genetic purity is a prize, are getting DNA tests for their pets. I was really excited, and had high hopes for this service, because all of us would like to know more abouit the ancestors of our pets, and to improve their health by learning about hidden genetic problems. After working in a position to fact check this science for many years now, I became very  disappointed that we repeatedly have seen two pups FROM THE SAME LITTER/SAME PARENTS get DNA test results that showed they had no breeds/ancestors in common.  I have found that the perception of DNA testing in pets is much like global warming. These issues and more, have political perspectives and money in common. If a seller fails in making public believe their science,  they lose your money, and they may lose government funding for most of these issues as well!  Young people are much more likely to believe the science and lobby to support their cause, while those of us with enough life experience to see that our coastal cities were NOT underwater by the year 2000 like Al Gore said, remain unconvinced. We must remember that most of science is an unproven theory; not proven facts. The results of DNA testing are often laughable to those of us who have worked with individual bloodlines of pets for more than 30 years, whether our experience comes from breeding the same groups of dogs from known bloodlines, or from having seen them in our veterinary clinics for healthcare.  DNA tests have been represented by test manufacturers as irrefutable and amazingly accurate, while independent testing and laughable results have caused many senior vets and experienced breeders like myself to remain skeptics who refuse their science and dismiss DNA testing as a scam. Many puppy buyers refuse to read and research.  I often get results of angry customer DNA tests with conflicting data, suggesting that I am bad just because the ancestry of dogs contains things that I did not know about, and that may or may not be correct.  Just last week two clients called me whose vets did DNA tests on two puppies that we sold from the same parents and same litter. Both puppies were from bloodlines that we as breeders, and our vet has known for many years.  One of these Bichon puppies, although descended from AKC registered stock tested Maltese and Australian Shepherd mix, which is impossible, and the other tested 40% Golden Retriever!  Not only would it be almost impossible for two dogs with these size differences to breed naturally, it is also easy to see that these results are wildly erratic, a completely laughable scam.  It's sad that so many will not even take the time to read this information and educate themselves, so I must revisit this issue again and again after they call to complain or post negative comments.  Registration papers and Kennel Clubs still determine the ancestry of pets in America, and a high percentage of even purebred registered dogs have conflicting DNA data.  There is no reason for us to intentionally misrepresent any puppy we sell, as we are overwhelmed with folks wanting puppies.  I realize that many people do not share my skepticism of science. Most folks will not fact check the services that science provides while pumping us for money. While many accept scientific research and testing as irrefutable, I see the man-made objects unearthed from coal that supposedly took millions of years to form, and the leg bone that tested millions of years old that was found in an old cowboy boot. I see that the earth is proven by archaeology to have cooled and warmed naturally throughout history, and this was NOT caused by fossil fuels that did not yet exist. I have also learned that genetics is in part a scam.  Diseases run in families because we teach each other what to eat. Most diseases diagnosed as genetic in our pets are also caused by improper diet and especially poisonous doggie treats.  I have seen many purebred registered dogs that did not prove to be correct as determined by DNA testing, such as the registered yellow lab that tested 75% Toy Poodle, and a Chihuahua whose DNA was identified as HUMAN, American Indian, and then described the DNA as descended from the Mohawk tribe in Canada. Some research with google searches will reveal these incidents.  If I was confident that DNA testing was accurate and reliable, I would test every dog we own! Although DNA test providers who want our money claim amazing accuracy, the veterinary community remains divided in accepting DNA testing as reliable. My vet (with more than 40 years of experience), and many other veterinary doctors do not accept DNA testing as accurate ancestry results for dogs because so many tests within bloodlines that he has known for many years have produced completely laughable results, and many medical professionals still question the accuracy of this when used even for human ancestral tracing.

Most of the DVM's who think DNA testing is always accurate have not had enough experience to see the test results come back regarding dogs/bloodlines that they have seen in their practices for many years. Some young vets believe their science, while a many older and experienced vets think DNA testing to be one of the biggest scams to be offered pet owners because of laughable results. All purebred dogs were developed by mixing and remain combinations of mixes, and the accuracy of the original markers have been questioned by many. Do DNA test providers have the right to pick markers from one group of dogs and one kennel club over the other? Who is to say which markers are even the best representation of this purebred dog? Is the best representation the one that looks the prettiest, or the one that you love because it is sweet, smart, and healthy?  Linebred dogs with strong genetic signatures may be comparable to the small group that the original marker came from, but we will stick with mentally and physically healthy pets that have not had their cousins bred together just to make them look pretty because I learned my lessons about this in grade school. Diverse genetics is necessary for proper mental and physical health. Dogs have been and continue to be registered in the USA with kennel clubs based upon their appearance- NOT BY DNA TESTING. Being of the same group, many dogs were originally registered together because they looked much the same. This may be part of why DNA marker results for comparison purposes are inaccurate for many registered dogs. Even today, new bloodlines for any breed can be established in some kennel clubs by sending a photo of the dog and witness signature to get registration papers.  It is not fair to question the DNA results of pets at this point in having a test marker serve as the standard for all because it is not always possible to be sure which markers are correct, or the best representation of a specific breed.
40+ years of experience has taught us that common dogs not subject to line/show breeding are healthier, smarter, and more affectionate. As a result of learning how important diverse genetics really is, we breed many dogs without pedigrees and with hearsay genetics, and we represent them as they have been represented to us, meaning that we cannot guarantee ancestral content, and we do not agree that DNA testing is an infallible way to determine ancestral content or to determine the chances that a dog will develop a specific disease later.  Diverse genetics and continued mixing with unrelated bloodlines has almost eliminated true defects in our puppies except those related to improper nutrition and care.  For those of you who accept science as always being correct, we disagree with you after seeing years of laughable test results and offer no warranty regarding DNA authentication.  To buy a mix is one of the best ways to undo the damage that line breeding has done to so many of these pets.  In short, the true value of a pet lies in the happiness it brings to our families, and not in its pedigree. 

Q: How much are they?

A: Prices are posted under each video. You should also consider ownership costs if you really don't want to spend lots of money on a pet. It is important that you think an affordable dog is cute, so avoid less healthy genetics, pets that weigh less than 5 lbs. and pets with long hair! Many want our girlie pets and complain of purchase price.  I always respond by saying that it's not my fault that you think this expensive pet is cute. We have many other more affordable and practical choices!

Q: Which breeds do people seem to like the best?

A:  Mixes are the best loved pets we sell. The only people who don't like these are those buyers who would not do a good job with training and discipline.

Q: Which are most likely to be the best veterinary doctors?

A: My daughter's lab mix recently swallowed a hot dog on a fish hook hanging from a fisherman's pole at the campround.  A series of vet visits and referrals produced estimates of up to $10,000.00 and the task of driving many hours to advanced veterinary care.  The senior doctor at Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital was able to get the dog to vomit out the hook by feeding her loaf bread.  You can guess which treatment was more affordable for the owner and better for the dog!  The problem is that our good experienced vets are growing older and retiring.  Unfortunately, their places are being filled with young vets who are often not good common sense problem solvers. Choose a vet who owns his own practice that has been in business for many years.  Avoid chains and veterinary networks because this is not where you are likely to find the senior doctors with the most experience.  A senior country vet who owns his own practice is most often the best choice; especially if you can find one that also does large animals.  Avoid young, inexperienced vets with misinformed, ignorant, liberally prejudiced breeder perspectives. I say this because doctors who answer to farmers are often more affordable than those doctors who live beside the golf course, see only elite small pet owners,  AND have better problem solving skills.  Many of these doctors believe the rescue industry lies concerning puppy politics, and are MUCH more likely to misdiagnose problems in any pet brought from a breeder due to misinformed prejudices. Because so many of our clients have received questionable diagnoses at these providers,  we do not honor warranty claims from Banfield Petsmart, Petco, or Glade Valley Animal Hospital.

Q: Shouldn't your child's pet be raised by an experienced professional?

A: One of the most unethical lies ever told is that puppies should be lovingly raised in a human home with people.  Adult dogs are more likely to be euthanized for undesirable marking, bleeding, and urinating indoors than any other reasons.  House pets should NOT be bred.  They must be spayed or neutered to prevent these behaviors.  They should also not be kept in homes with people until they are old enough to house train.  Tiny puppies that are allowed to potty in the homes of hobby breeders very often will always do this in YOUR home.  Will you really believe this lie and buy a home raised puppy that may already be trained to pee on your rug? Our pups are born INDOORS in quarantine. Our puppies will touch the ground for the first time when you bring him home! BACKYARD BREEDERS OR HOME HOBBY BREEDERS don't have a USDA standard facility because they are not willing to spend the money. (Our kennel facility cost $500,000.00+).  Instead, they choose to exploit the dogs in unsanitary environment and call those of us who care enough to maintain a nice facility "puppy mills". Those who raise puppies in the back yard or in the back room are the people who are truly guilty of animal exploitation because the pups often get sick and die. A nice kennel facility is how to tell the difference between an animal care professional and a back-room puppy miller! You should be thankful for any person who provides a good place from which to get a pet. It is my opinion that no one can make a huge amount of money raising and selling puppies if they care for them properly. I do this because I enjoy the animals and I also enjoy the happiness that they bring to people. If you question the need for our puppies, you should get out and try to find another USDA standard nursery from which to buy a healthy puppy or go to the shelter and try to find a small breed puppy exactly like you want!  Just last week, I sold a puppy to a vet tech who works for the Humane Society.  After watching the shelter every day for more than 2 years to try to find a small breed pup that she wanted as a house pet, she finally gave up on adoption because "all the rescue pets were large breed mixes, mostly with pit bull, and too big to keep in my apartment".

Q: How can I eliminate tear stains in my puppy?

A: You cannot completely eliminate tear staining.  You can manage the stains in a light colored dog, or you can buy a dark dog so they don't show. Pet products are available that many feel help to reduce stains.  You can wash under the eyes, trim under the eyes, or choose a food that many feel doesn't cause as much staining.  Ask your vet this question or google it.  Opinions vary.  My opinion is that the best way to not have tear stains is to buy a dark colored dog.

Q: What do I need to do about the microchip after I buy my puppy?

A: Our pets have an ISO microchip that comes directly from a manufacturer in China, and has not yet been registered with a database.  American made chips work in the USA, but are said to be  incompatible with scanner systems of many companies.  We use the ISO chip so that those who buy our pets and take them abroad will have a chip that works world wide.  You need to get the puppy registered with the microchip database company of your choice.  This improves the chances of you recovering your pet should it get lost or stolen!  Your vet can probably help you with this. We have also been contacted by International Pet Registry, and they would like to provide this service to you.  Their web address is www.internationalpetregistry.com.  Their phone number is (844) 477-7387.

Healthy Pups Puppy Warranty- We are pleased to guarantee our puppies to be free of untreatable issues at point of sale, and to offer an honest one-year guarantee for our pets that covers terminal, non-correctable legitimate inarguable proven genetic defects as determined by necropsy and proper testing, and in unanimous agreement by your vet and our team here. Unlike the warranties offered by some of our online competitors, our warranty has no hidden clauses, scams, and requirements.  You don't have to sign up for our health care plan and make monthly payments.  You don't have to buy $5000.00 in doggie vitamins over the next 10 years to not void your warranty.  If you read some of these competitor warranties, you may find that there are so many exclusions they offer no warranty at all. If you buy a puppy from Healthy Pups that is at or beyond the recommended age to go home, and at least 3 lbs so as to endure stress, we also warranty the dog to be free of untreatable issues and terminal defects at inspection by your vet after purchase. A written detailed warranty is provided with each pet we sell. We advise choosing a country or small town vet who owns his own practice and has been in business for many years.  Avoid veterinary networks.  Many younger doctors do not seem to have good problem solving skills. Please call with any questions.

Our puppies are eating Purina or Pedigree puppy foods.  We will give you a small bag of puppy food when you come to get your puppy! We suggest that they stay on an unlimited constant supply of that food at least for a few weeks, so it does not disrupt their bowel movements and create sickness in the puppy. Do not use plant based pet foods and doggie treats because this is not the healthy and natural food for dogs, and we have seen an increase in health problems in dogs consuming some of these products.

If you want to buy a puppy from us with no risk of being scammed or financial obligation whatsoever, you may call to schedule a facetime, duo, or video chat with this puppy if you wish, and come to pick it up in our driveway BY APPOINTMENT ONLY without having sent a deposit.  However, if you choose to not send a deposit, you risk that someone may buy the puppy before you get here.

We accept CASH, PERSONAL CHECKS, US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS and CREDIT CARDS. Please add 4% to cover credit card fees if using cards.  Checks/money orders must be sent by mail in advance, and be deposited in our account before you pick up your puppy. You can send a DEPOSIT through personal check or money order to Healthy Pups, 3707 White Plains Rd, Roaring River, NC 28669.  Please call with specific questions.  We are normally open for pet pickups 6 days per week by appointment only, including most Sunday mornings!  Call to schedule a facetime, Facebook messenger live session, or a curbside puppy pickup- (336 ) 957-3609. 

To protect our pets from human bourne infections, and to reduce unexpected veterinary expenses for puppy buyers, we raise the puppies in strict quarantine. Buyers must choose a pet by first viewing their puppy online and requesting additional facetime with it if needed. Due to the risks of Covid 19 exposure for humans, we began to show pets electronically with visitors picking them up curbside. The results of this have been wonderful for the puppies. Coronavirus quarantine has taught us that most of the puppy respiratory and other viruses we have experienced in past years have been brought mostly by kids with runny noses petting the puppies.  Throughout the years, there have also been a few instances in which people have visited other puppies with intestinal viruses and then visited us and shared the virus with our pets.  A puppy virus can send you to the emergency vet. Because viruses are highly contagious to other puppies, we have decided to continue to raise the puppies in strict quarantine, show them electronically, and not allow visitors to play with them until they come for curbside pickup. Personality is not an issue with a properly bred dog. Purebred dogs linebred for show purposes often have unbalanced personalities. ALL mixes have wonderful personalities and are very sweet after they have adapted to a new home.  Love them and they will quickly return your affection! Because neither of us can afford to have sick puppies, we will continue to offer curbside pickup and possible deliveries only! Our normal business hours are 10am til 4pm six days per week by appointment, with closed days posted in our plan a visit link, but we sometimes work beyond these hours when there is no conflict with family events. We call everyone on the waiting list who has sent deposits simultaneously when new pups are posted, and you will be allowed to view pets through website/facetime/video when they are old enough and choose your puppy.  We offer curbside pickup with balance due at proper time.  We can also arrange delivery by local courier at $1.00/round trip mile (150 mile limit), and refer you to an air pet nanny!

 *Puppies sometimes get car sick (motion sickness) and may vomit on the way home. They can also inhale fluids from car sickness vomiting and cause respiratory issues.  Tiny puppies can inhale fluids from motion sickness and have pneumonia in 24 hours. If you want to buy this Buddy Boy puppy food, you can get your first bag at Porter’s grocery.  (This store is located straight across the road at the end of White Plains road. Stop and get a bag on your way home if within normal business hours.)  If you are unable to find this food in your area, choose a small bite puppy food that’s soy free, and gradually mix the new food with the old as you change over.  I recommend dry food only: no table scraps or doggie treats of any kind, since I have noted a relationship between problems often diagnosed “genetic” and use of these in many pets.  A piece of his own puppy food makes a good training treat for a puppy. Tiny bites of raw meat may help your dog stay healthier over time.  *Your puppy, especially if an older puppy, may be afraid for several days after going home to a new environment. For continued health and survival, you should leave your puppy alone in a private place with his food and water 70% of the time so he won’t be afraid to eat/drink while adapting to his new environment. Young puppies can slowly get sick and shut down or die if not allowed constant access to food and water. *A wire cage with a matching wire floor grid is very helpful in house training your pet.  My own personal favorite cage for the money is the Midwest model 1636.  It should be ordered with matching floor grid 06F. You can order the cage at www.chewey.com. A wire floor grid is important, because it allows waste to fall through to the catch tray and helps keep your pet cleaner since he doesn’t have to walk or lie in his own waste.  Instructions for crate training are available on the Midwest Pet Homes website, www.midwesthomes4pets.com.  *It is my opinion that many pets become confused and urinate on the rug later after being taught to urinate on newspaper or floor pads. It is also my opinion that CRATE TRAINING is the best way to house train your pet. *It is very important to choose safe toys for your pet.  Fuzzy toys or rope toys that produce trash/lint/fiber can cause your dog to cough and produce unnecessary vet visits and improper diagnoses of “kennel cough” or “genetic defects of the esophagus” in short nosed breeds. A Nylabone is a safe choice. Human baby shampoo is less likely to irritate puppy skin and coat than many of the products made for use in pets.  A 1ml dosage of malt syrup is a good way to revive an over stressed pup that has passed out from sugar drop. *Your pet may need additional vaccines beginning at 2-3 weeks from the date last vaccine was given as indicated on the vaccine record sheet.  Some veterinary doctors want to discredit vaccines given by breeders so they can profit from giving them all over again.  If your vet refuses to honor vaccines we have already given the pet or is not pleased that we have sent the medications with you that the pet was being given prior to sale, you should question whether your vet cares more about your pet or more about your money.  There can be several hundred dollars difference in cost for a specific procedure from one DVM to another.  It is your responsibility to choose experienced veterinary care that deals fairly. *I am not a licensed veterinary person, but I am an excellent problem solver.  I have saved the lives of many puppies after improper incurable diagnoses in the past.  You are welcome to call me if I can offer suggestions regarding any puppy problem. Irvin Blackburn, nursery manger, www.healthypups.com. 3707 White Plains Road, Roaring River, NC 28669      336 957-3609