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Healthypups.com Puggle Breed Overview

Puggles are a cross between a Chinese Pug and a Beagle. The end result is likely to be a healthier dog for those who think a Chinese Pug is cute. and a less houndish dog who want the health and intelligence of a Beagle without the typical howling and hunting instinct of the Beagle. These are fun smart, sweet, and an excellent playmate for children and other pets. They don't need expensive haircuts and are easy to maintain.  An occasional brushing with a anti shed comb can reduce shedding by 90%. If cared for and fed correctly, Puggles can live 15 years or more! These are a joyful and interactive dog that can entertain your family at a high level! Most average about the size of a medium Beagle in weight-small enough for the sofa, but big enough to be outside without being stolen by a bird of prey!  

 Deposit to choose! Puggle Males and Females, born 5-1-24. The weights of these individual puppies are not yet available. They will be getting microchips and posted individually very soon. Mom is a Puggle-18 lbs.  Dad is a Puggle-20 lbs.

Know where your puppy came from! We raise the puppies we sell. See our upcoming litters list!  READ to learn what makes Healthy Pups different and better at WHY HEALTHY PUPS! Do it BEFORE you get scammed by fake sellers and dishonest brokers in ways that you have not yet imagined. Healthy Pups has been the most trusted and experienced name in USDA standard puppies for sale since 1982!

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