Malshi male 9229, Sale!


Microchip Number: 900215005769229

Malshi Male, born 4-24-23. One gallon of milk weighs 8.6 lbs. The weight of this puppy is 10 lbs, 14 oz on 3-30-24. Mom is Maltese-8 lbs.  Dad is Imperial Shih Tzu-8 lbs. PURCHASE INSTRUCTIONS and Visitor Guidelines-  We are normally open for pet pickups/viewings 6 days per week by appointment only, including most Sunday mornings!  Call to schedule an in-person visit,  facetime, facebook messenger live session, or a curbside puppy pickup! No one wants unexpected vet bills! To protect our pets from viruses brought in by public and to reduce unexpected veterinary expenses for our puppy buyers, we raise the puppies in strict quarantine. Buyers may view an individual puppy or a small group of puppies in person OR through video chat.  If you can view the puppies though video chat and decide which puppy you want BEFORE you come, we can bathe your puppy, do it's wellness exam, and fill out your paperwork so you don't have to wait when you come to pick up your puppy. Come without first telling us which one you want and you should be prepared to wait while we make the puppy ready to go home with you. This can take some time, especially if you come on a day when other families have already scheduled appointments. After having seen multiple incidents over the past 40 years in which public shelters were shut down and every animal euthanized to stop the spread of viruses, we will always raise the puppies in strict quarantine and only allow public to pet the puppy that they are taking home!  Pups must be kept bio-secure until sufficient vaccines are given to produce immunity. Personality is not an issue with a properly bred dog. The purebred dogs that have been linebred for show purposes often have unbalanced personalities. ALL mixes have wonderful personalities and are very sweet after they have adapted to a new home. Love them and they will quickly return your affection!

Our normal business hours are 10am til 4pm six days per week by appointment, with closed days posted in our plan a visit link. We are open most Saturdays and Sundays.  Yes, we can refer you to reliable and affordable nationwide delivery! If you want to buy this pet without sending a deposit, and no risk of being scammed (or financial obligation whatsoever), you may call to schedule a facetime, etc, with this puppy if you wish, and come to pick it up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- AND without having sent a deposit.  However, if you choose to not send a deposit, you risk that someone may buy the puppy before you get here. All deposits are non-refundable and we do not offer cash refunds. We do offer transfer of deposit to another pet IF there's a problem with the puppy you choose, and we do offer replacement puppies per the terms of our warranty for proven genetic defects. 

Again, please call with any questions!  You may click the link below to place a deposit or pay for a puppy in full. Please remember that the price posted for this puppy is the CASH price. Please add 3% ($3.00 per $100.00) when using cards to cover our fees. Your best deal is to place a $206.00 deposit with your card to reserve this pup and bring CASH TO PAY THE BALANCE!   (336) 957-3609

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