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Irvin Blackburn

Irvin Blackburn

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 16:47

Puppy Ownership!

Every family CAN afford a puppy, and SAVE MONEY in buying a good puppy.

Bored families go out and waste money. Playing with a puppy at home is a free gift that continues to give, while superficial entertainment is one and done. We also gladly provide ownership education which can lower long-term ownership costs, initial vet bills, and increase the life expectancy of your pet! Many buyers look for the cheapest puppy. 

We average 5 calls per day from those who have sent deposits to a scammer pretending to have a puppy, AND we regularly talk to folks who had unexpected vet bills from backyard puppies bought from inexperienced caregivers. You are much less likely to have unexpected expenses from an experienced breeder. Our knowledge has come through 40+ years of hands-on experience with the same group of pets.  Not even our senior vets have likely had this unique learning opportunity!

The best answer for our pets is preventative maintenance-NOT pet insurance or long-term warranty scams. Our goal is that you have the best life with your pet AND that you don't get scammed by those who want to sell you goods and services throughout the life of your pet! Healthy Pups is a family-owned nursery open for business on this property since 1982! We focus on better care standards, diverse genetics to improve the mental and physical health of our puppies, and preventative ownership education that can reverse and prevent many canine diseases!

Having more experience than almost anyone else in the pet business, we enjoy sharing our valuable experiences to help you have a better pet ownership experience, and to improve your chances of having a longer and better quality life with your pet! Thanks, Irvin Blackburn, owner- (336) 957-3609

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 16:47

Which Puppies Have The Best Personalities?

Which puppy has the best personality? By Irvin Blackburn,!

Many years ago before we had visitors bring viruses and share them with our puppies, we often had families play with our puppies in a play area under the porch. All of them wanting to see which puppy had the best personality and liked them the best! I remember one such visit in which a lady came to visit Terrier mix puppies that we had for sale at that time, while another lady came to see purebred Maltese.  The Terrier mix puppies cowered in the corner and would not come to their prospective buyer.  When I put the purebred Maltese down in the play area, one of those pups ran across the area and climbed onto the lap of the lady who came to see the terrier mixes and started licking her under the chin, so she then started yelling I WANT THIS ONE!  I WANT THIS ONE! SO, I sent the lady who came to see the Terrier mixes home with a Maltese that was so dumb it would’ve got in the car and went home with the mailman tomorrow morning! Soon thereafter a deaf couple bought one of the Terrier mixes and taught it to communicate with 25 DIFFERENT HAND SIGNS! People sometimes spend hours trying to decide which puppy has the best personality. They watch our puppy videos and observe their behavior.  It is important to note that most of the puppies have just had their baths before videos are made.  Bathing makes them shiver and shake.  Many of the more intelligent and perceptive puppies will cower every time you point a camera at them, while others may not wonder what you are doing when you point it at them! This does not mean that they have a bad personality:) 

Puppy Personality and Intelligence Feedback From Hundreds Of Past customers! By Irvin Blackburn,!

After feedback from several thousand past puppy buyers, I have learned that there doesn't seem to be a significant difference between the personalities of mentally healthy dogs once they are adapted and settled into their new homes.  While some puppies may seem to be more shy or afraid when you take them home, remember that they have met you for the first time, and this should be interpreted as a show of intelligence because you can at least be sure that the puppy realizes that you are a total stranger that may be a threat to him.  Some breeds, and all mixes with diverse genetics can grow to be extremely intelligent over time. The more intelligent the puppy is, AND the older it is, the more likely it will be afraid when noticing differences in new people and environment. This does NOT mean that the puppy wasn't socialized. We brought an older Mini Goldendoodle puppy into our apartment about 6 weeks ago, and she is just now getting completely comfortable. She has learned how to open doors simply by watching us! The most intelligent dog I ever owned was a Rat Terrier that I had sold an elderly couple as a puppy.  When the pup was 14 months old,  these owners called to say they had both developed terminal health issues and could not keep this dog, so I asked them to bring him back so he could be my house pet. I knew what to expect because I was familiar with the extreme intelligence of this breed. The very first thing "Huey" did when I brought him into our house was try to bite me! For the next year, he hid under our dining room table and would not come out! Our house was different than the house he grew up in. It is the same scenario when adopting older pets with diverse genetics and extreme intelligence. You cannot replicate a new  environment because all homes are different, as in taking an intelligent older puppy from our nursery to a new home. The long term reward in owning the most intelligent pet is amazing. Huey grew to be so intelligent that he could almost read my mind, and often would remember key words in talking points after only hearing them once.  All of those who expect the most intelligent animals to not be afraid when going to new homes have no common sense and know nothing about dogs!  One rule in training a dog with diverse genetics is that you must be at least as smart as a dog.  We have never had a pet that would not adapt if given time, but we have had a few people over the years that would not give them time to get comfortable. You should be thankful if your puppy or young dog is afraid.  This means that you'll be able to easily house train if you do it properly, and teach him sign language later! You must also be careful that no one is mean to a puppy with great intelligence because he will never forget and trust them again! 

Why Are Some dogs Healthier And Smarter Than Others? Irvin Blackburn,!

If you buy one of the girlie pets that has been subjected to 50+ years of breeding his cousins together just to make them pretty for the dog show, he may never quit wagging the tail and licking even total strangers in the face. You might think he's sweet, but you may always wonder if the dog can remember who you were from yesterday.  Many visitors have commented over the years that some of these linebred pets could never remember anything about their house training:) Some purebred dogs have a good personality-some are unbalanced or retarded, while all mixes are great pets. Many veterinary doctors lack the wisdom to understand the adaptive intelligence of properly bred dogs vs line bred girlie pets that are not mentally healthy. Older pups and mixed puppies are almost always slower to adapt when you take them home.  It is best to buy a mix if you want the best opportunity for a consistently great kid friendly personality and potential for better physical health.

As a young boy growing up in elementary school, I learned about the importance of proper genetics to mental and physical health.  6 siblings attended our school from the same family.  None of them were mentally healthy. These kids found even simple things to be mentally challenging.  They grew up to be adults that could barely survive on their own- cashing their disability checks, driving, and maintaining a car, and struggling to cook food without burning their house down. In school years, I always felt sorry for them.  As an adult, I became aware that these issues were not their fault.  They were not mentally healthy because their parents were first cousins.  I have since learned that the same things are being done in our companion animals just to make them look pretty.  Breeding dogs that are related to one another not only destroys mental health in the offspring, but also intensifies genetic information for defects.  Properly bred dogs from diverse genetics are always intelligent, affectionate, funny,  and so physically healthy that they have no need for health testing.  Defects that are diagnosed in properly bred dogs are almost exclusively the results of malnutrition and toxic pet products, with tiny dogs developing problems from this much more quickly than dogs that are slightly larger. They are starving for proper foods while being poisoned by many pet products that were not meant for canine consumption.

After having to give away many fancy pedigreed show dogs bought for breeding purposes, especially over the past 15 years because they were mentally retarded and often presented genetic defects, we now breed pet dogs NOT from pedigreed bloodlines and mix them as possible.  We do many intentional mixes, and we intentionally use similar mixes as sires in some litters if we can get more beautiful colors, etc. This is often possible if both are considered medically hypoallergenic pets, and does not affect the potential for shedding, but may produce many beautiful colors:).  These mixes are typically mentally and physically healthier than most purebreds.  I am sometimes dumbfounded by the questions people ask when calling about pets. Some ask, "are they registered", as if this makes them a greater prize.  I would estimate that at least one-third of the registered dogs that I have seen in past years were not purebreds, AND I would also estimate that purebred line bred pedigreed show dogs are three times more likely to be mentally incompetent and have weird health problems and die young than mixes. I will never understand why some pet owners are dumb enough to think expensive registered show dogs are better.  You would be surprised if you knew how many of these tiny show champions don't live more than 3 years before having liver disease, kidney failure, or other "too small" health problems because their health has been compromised by line breeding for show purposes just to make them look pretty.  Many of them are also untrainable, aggressive, whimpy, hyper, nuisance barkers, submissive urinators, can’t be housetrained, don’t like children, etc. They are often not mentally or physically healthy because of select breeding to improve outward appearance. In conclusion, properly bred dogs FROM DIVERSE GENETICS are healthier over time if properly cared for, and ALWAYS have great personalities. Please call me with questions! Irvin Blackburn (336) 957-3609

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 11:21

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