Welcome to HEALTHY affordable PUPS-the area's best selection of family raised non-brokered puppies to entertain your bored children! Yes, nationwide delivery is available!  Are we your ONLY choice for best prices, selection, customer support, USDA standard govt inspected hospital clean indoor quarantine facility (to make sure your pup wasn't exposed to a virus before you take it home) plus HONEST warranty & ownership experience?  Are we also your ONLY choice for specific pets if you don't want to buy a puppy that has been trucked in from an out of state puppy farm and being resold by a broker who now claims to know all about it? ....and now calls all of these breeders their family?  (I am not speaking negatively of Amish farmers who raise puppies.  I personally know some who a perfect job and have some of the nicest puppy nurseries you will find anywhere. My point is that it's not right for brokers to sell these pups without being truthful with the buyers about where they came from. When you get on a website and see 50 pages of puppies for sale, then you know they are a broker instead of the breeder). Come TODAY & pick up a puppy that's ready to go home without sending a deposit, or DEPOSIT NOW (instructions inside each link under the puppy videos) to reserve a pup & come at your convenience! This website is updated after each sale! Scroll down/turn on speakers to watch videos (best viewed w/desktop or ipad). You may not get to page bottom using a phone! READ our FAQ’s & WARRANTY page to learn about us and why everyone CAN afford a puppy! Visit OUR FACILITY to learn why rescue organizations want you to believe that all breeders are a puppy mill! Do your kids have ALLERGIES? Let us help & earn your trust! Learn about us BEFORE you are scammed by puppy sellers and care givers in ways that you have not yet imagined! To read REVIEWS, visit our REFERENCES link. Interact with hundreds of past customers who have bought our pets on FACEBOOK!  SCROLL DOWN to view ALL AVAILABLE PUPS together on the same page!  Click on links with SPEAKERS ON to watch videos! Call with questions!  IMPORTANT-Pups in the videos are MUCH smaller than they appear-to help with size perspective watching puppy videos-1 gal of milk weighs 8.6 lbs. To help you choose a puppy that's large enough to survive the first week with your children,  live video chats/updated video clips are recommended! For those who love Black Angus Beef, be sure to ask about taking home some USDA Inspected/Certified grass fed and finished HealthyBEEF from our NCDA licensed and inspected Blackburn Farm! Our price for expensive cuts of beef average 50% less than grocery stores! Bring your cooler! We sell large or small amounts as available! Our family has raised cattle on Blackburn Farm since about 1850! Questions? (336) 957-3609

A Challenge.  READ this page and you will want to buy from Healthy Pups!

Q: Why Healthy Pups?

A: Because you can't afford NOT to have a puppy since it can cost megabucks to entertain spoiled children when they are bored, a puppy will babysit many years for free, and you can't afford to buy a pet from a seller with less experience! Repeated vacations and superficial entertainments are most often soon forgotten, but memories of good times with a childhood pet last forever! We offer the advise of answer the phone in the middle of the night friendship that comes only through more hands on experience than almost anyone else in the business!

A: Because we care! Most of the problems that pet owners endure initially are caused by not caring for their puppy properly when they first take it home, or in choosing a puppy from a bad seller  that wasn't cared for properly BEFORE they took it home. Go to our facebook page and ask our buyers how much time we invested to educate them so they didn't accidentally create problems for their puppy after they took it home! Most children and uneducated pet the kids adults will take home the youngest and smallest puppy they can get and risk that it can't yet endure only to have it shut down and need to go to the emergency vet. This is the least intelligent thing that puppy buyers do because the puppy will grow to be as big as it will get in only a few short weeks IF it survives the stress of playing with your children! Everyone know the exact size of a 1 gallon milk jug that weighs 8.6 lbs.  When you listen to a puppy video that says this puppy weighs 2 lbs, then this puppy is VERY tiny and you'll need to manage handling stress until it grows a bit, OR you could be smart and buy a slightly larger puppy from the same size parents!

A: None of us want unexpected vet bills. QUARANTINE IS important! Most people live in denial and think a virus can't happen to them, but choosing pets that were raised in a situation that is not bio-secure can be problematic.  It is normally 100% safe for puppies to be in your backyard after vaccines are given. However, young puppies should be in a bio-secure environment before shots are done.  Whether it be from a vaccine reaction, accidental exposure to a virus though visitors petting or insects/dogs/wildlife bringing sickness before shots are given your puppy, a virus can cause expensive vet bills and many puppies do not survive even with treatment. We are here to help by having pets that are born, raised, and kept in quarantine (not trucked in by a broker reselling puppymill puppies that may have already been exposed to viruses and parasites). Our kennel facilty costs approximately $1,000,000.00, and is a lifes work built with ZERO donations. 

A: Because (for those who want their pet to potty outdoors) choosing home raised puppies that a pet owner had already pad or paper trained to pee in the floor before they took it home can result in never being able to train your puppy! Puppies trained to use pads and papers are more likely to pee on your rug when you're not watching.

A: Because choosing inexperienced veterinary doctors that too closely adhere to animal science or fail to recognize simple environmental irritations can create problems in fragile puppies. I have more than 40 years experience in talking to pet owners and working with the same group of pets without interruption, making it easier to learn about them.  There are many things that they cannot teach in veterinary school.  Choosing bad pet products can make a puppy sick or bring premature onset of diseases often diagnosed as genetic issues.  There are many things in life that we learn only through experience.  I have saved the lives of many pets throughout the years that were to be euthanized for incurable genetic defects, when the true cause was environmental irritations, accidental poisonings, or bad pet products! Our goal at Healthy Pups is that you don't have to learn the same way that I have learned.  Many of the lessons that I have learned in the past 42 years of doing pets have been heart breaking and expensive; yet so many will not listen.  Americans are the most scammed culture in the world today with almost everyone presenting a perspective that will cause people to buy from them or indirectly support their cause! We are scammed from the cradle to the grave in ways that most never thought possible and made to believe that our problems are normal and can't be prevented.  Most of these things are completely preventable though common sense education and prevention. A high percentage of the things that go wrong in puppy ownership are the results of bad decisions and lack of knowledge! Choose Healthy Pups BEFORE you have unexpected vet bills caused by inexperienced or dishonest vets making no common sense speculative diagnoses,  get scammed by fake puppy sellers soliciting deposits, sellers describing every pup as TEACUP to entrap your child, to finance it, to pay extra for a pee on your rug training package, unnecessary pet insurance policy w/monthly payments, or a subscription to expensive doggie treats that voids your warranty if not continued; all sold by cleverly disguised BROKERS reselling truckloads of backyard, puppy mill, or Amish puppies (with false claims of being from government inspected "families") that they know nothing about, including previous no quarantine viral exposures that can send you to the vet next week, OR even how big it may get! Puppy millers who sell to brokers are seldom inspected by Animal Control because they have no buyers to complain!

A:  Because when prices are higher and many families struggle to survive financially, those things that they absolutely do not have to buy are often left out of the budget.  Every family CAN afford a puppy, and SAVE MONEY in buying a good puppy. Bored families go out and waste money. Playing with a puppy at home is a free gift that continues to give, while superficial entertainment is one and done. Buy a puppy with the soon forgotten beach vacation money and the good times last for many years!  We also gladly provide ownership education which can lower long term ownership costs, initial vet bills, and increase the life expectancy of your pet!

The first litter of puppies we bred in 1982 at Healthy Pups was something that we did for fun.  Parvovirus is why we had more litters.  Dr. Stephen Jackson began referring puppy buyers to us because ours were among the few that didn't get parvovirus and die during the parvovirus pandemic of those years.  One of our buyers had lost his last 6 shelter puppies. After the puppy he got from us did not die, we soon had sold everyone on his street a puppy.  The need for puppies that did not die, and the happiness that they brought to people are the two reasons why Healthy Pups turned into a 40+ year endeavor with a $1,000,000.00 kennel facility.  Dr Stephen Jackson is a wonderful human being who served as a veterinary doctor at the Animal Hospital Of Wilkes, the board of our local health department, a life long officer in our local humane society, and as a reference on this website for 30+ years until his retirement. God, please send us young doctors with enough common sense to fill his shoes! During our 40 years in business, I can remember several times when the public animal shelters were closed down and all of the dogs euthanized as a group because they could not stop the spread of viruses. When young animals are in contact with each other before vaccines are done, OR when public pets sick puppies and then a healthy puppy, the viruses are moved around to cause more sicknesses just as covid has recently done in our friends and neighbors. This is WHY we keep our pets in strict hospital clean kennel quarantine facility and WHY we don't let public come and pet them because we can't be sure they did not play with sick puppies before visiting us. You CAN visit to see the puppies by appointment.  Please call to talk about this! However, you can pet only the one you are taking home with you!  Accidental viral exposures can be expensive and deadly for pets that have not yet received all of their vaccinations. If you can't afford to spend extra money on vet bills or if you don't want your children to see their puppy sick from a virus, then why would you buy from a backyard breeder or broker whose puppies and the viruses and parasites they carry were brought in by the truck load? Strict quarantine with no petting from outside visitors is very important!   Oh, I want to make sure my puppy has a good personality, you might say! Well then, if you good health, intelligence, and a great personality don't buy a purebred puppy with a fancy pedigree whose parents were first cousins.  

All puppies bred with diverse genetics always have great personalities. You are much less likely to have unexpected expenses from an experienced breeder and a bio secure environment.  Our knowledge has come through 40+ years of hands on experience with the same group of pets.  We see very little difference in the personalities of properly bred puppies once they are in their forever home and adapted.  Not even our senior vets have likely had this unique learning opportunity! The best answer for our pets is preventative maintenance-NOT pet insurance or long term warranty scams. Our goal is that you have the best life with your pet, AND that you don't get scammed by those who want to sell you goods and services throughout the life of your pet! Healthy Pups is a family owned nursery open for business on this property since 1982! We focus on better care standard, diverse gentics to improve mental and physical health of our puppies, so they are genetically healthy with wonderful personalities, and preventative ownership education that can reverse and prevent many canine diseases! Having more experience than almost anyone else in the pet business, we enjoy sharing our valuable experiences to help you have a better pet ownership experience, and to improve your chances of having a longer and better quality life with your pet!  

Only last week I got a negative review from an elderly lady who got scammed out of $12,000.00 by a veterinary doctor! She did not follow our recommendations and allowed a sold out to science young vet vaccinate her tiny puppy too soon and it had a short and temporary reaction that produced respiratory distress, a giardia bloom in the bowels, AND a level two heart murmur. 98% of murmurs are caused by vaccine reactions, stress or other underlying health issues in the puppy. Rather than allowing the puppy enough time to recover from the vaccine reaction, this young vet said her puppy had the flu with pneumonia, bloody diarrhea, told her these problems were due to poor "breading",  and he became the savior of the puppy by providing a $12000.00 heart surgery.  We have seen MANY puppies present heart murmurs over the past 40 years, and ALL of them except two had normal heartbeats by 6 months of age. SO, which are most likely to be the best veterinary doctors?  My daughter's lab mix recently swallowed a hot dog on a fish hook hanging from a fisherman's pole at the campround.  A series of vet visits and referrals produced estimates of up to $10,000.00 and the task of driving many hours to advanced veterinary care.  The senior doctor at Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital was able to get the dog to vomit out the hook by feeding her loaf bread.  You can guess which treatment was more affordable for the owner and better for the dog!  The problem is that our good experienced vets are growing older and retiring.  Unfortunately, their places are being filled with young doctors who are likely to have no common sense problem solving skills. Choose a vet who owns his own practice that has been in business for many years.  Avoid chains and veterinary networks because this is not where you are likely to find the senior doctors with the most experience.  A senior country vet who owns his own practice is most often the best choice; especially if you can find one that also does large animals.  Avoid young, inexperienced vets with misinformed, ignorant, politically prejudiced world views and breeder perspectives. I say this because doctors who answer to farmers are often more affordable than those doctors who live beside the golf course, see only elite small pet owners,  AND have better problem solving skills. We are here to help you have a good life and NOT be scammed! Google and check the prices of others. You will find that no one offers a better care standard and price than HealthyPups! 

Please call us at (336) 957-3609 or email with any questionsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.