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  • hypoallergenic breeds, and how to manage  allergies/asthma/shedding without groomer expenses,
  • proper house training,
  • scams by puppy sellers,
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SALE NOW! Buy a slightly older puppy that didn't get adopted while so many families were doing vacations, and skip up to 6 vet visits by getting a 20+ week puppy with puppy shot schedule already completed! To take advantage of this opportunity, choose a pet from videos with the oldest dates of birth!

  • I would guesstimate that 1 of 3 puppies sold in the U.S each year by pet owners, and half of shelter pets (our competitors?)go home with their new owners and die during the first week, producing unexpected vet bills and broken hearts. Our buyers almost never experience pre-existing health issues with our puppies, and almost 100% of those issues are limited to those who don't follow care instructions. The greatest contributing factor to baby puppy deaths is that people in love with holding tiny puppies in their laps, think they want the smallest dog they can possibly get, even though sufficient vaccines have not yet been given to produce viral immunity. This also means that they often choose the youngest and tiniest puppy that may not yet be old enough to withstand the stress of leaving its mother, adapting to a new environment, and having its routine interrupted by pet owners and their children. This often results in puppy deaths after huge vet bills. Small breeds reach most of their adult frame size by only 20 weeks, so the idea of getting the tiniest and youngest puppy can not only be a bad idea; it is also over rated. 
  • Another contributing factor to this situation is the inexperience of most care givers. It takes many years to learn how to care for puppies and prevent potential problems. I  have been doing pets since 1982, and have come to appreciate the value of experience. Today, almost all of our puppy buyers who go home and have even minor problems with our puppies are limited to those who don't follow instructions properly. In earlier years, it was common for problems to occur with the imperfect pets we sold.  It can takes years of hands on experience to quickly identify and prevent potential problems with baby animals.  An angry puppy buyer can encourage one to learn very quickly! This is one reason why so many pet owners selling puppies want to meet the buyer somewhere, or will only ship to the buyer. This way the buyer doesn't know where the seller lives, and often doesn't even know the sellers true identity, so they can simply not answer the cell phone if there is a problem! Puppy buyers with no common sense, after being brainwashed by rescue donation solicitors and media, hold the breeder of their puppy 1000 times more responsible for the health of their puppy than the doctor for the health of their sick child. Even though tiny puppies are just as fragile as human children, a puppy raised by a professional breeder does not have the same right to be sick as a human child. Rescue organizations suggest that everyone adopt, staging success stories of questionable adoptions which encourage more donations, even though it is common for many shelter puppies to die from viruses alone. They also suggest that all puppies should be born in human homes, even though breeding dogs not spayed and neutered at the proper time mark their territory and discharge in the home, and are often sent to the shelter. The problems created by deliberate rescue misinformation are the main reasons why so many breeders get discouraged and quit after only a few litters, and also one of the main reasons why so many pets (because they were not spayed/neutered at the proper time) eventually die in shelters because of irreversible behaviors common to the reproductive process, after being raided from a secure home in a kennel facility in which the dog was free to pee or discharge at will:) 
  • I have learned through the years that a care standard must NOT be limited to feeding and petting, but proper vaccines beginning at the proper time,  AND constant fecal analysis with my microscope. This allows me to maintain the pets in good condition and deal with problems before the pet shows symptoms, reducing immediate vet bills for the puppy's next owner, and reducing the risk of heart broken children after learning that the pet has a serious problem and must be returned after they have fallen in love with it.
  • Is it really worth risking that your puppy die after being "loved to death" from taking it home too soon when it will have in most cases accomplished most of it's adult size in as little as 2-3 months after you buy it?
  • Most also agree that a slightly older puppy is easier to house train and bonds equally well!
  • We may be your ONLY choice for two doses of Neopar vaccines given prior to adoption, and professional care standard, including regular wellness exams with fecal analysis while owned by us in our nursery! 
  • This means that we have provided veterinary care equal to 4 vet visits by 10 weeks age, and you don't pay for veterinary care that we have already done!  Buy an older puppy and you can save hundreds by skipping additional vet visits to complete the entire puppy shot schedule! You may not need an immediate vet visit after purchase unless you choose, although we provide a written health guarantee with this legal right.
  • Buy one of our 20 week or older pups and the puppy shot vet visits of 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 13 weeks, 16 weeks, and 20 weeks may have already been done, saving you hundreds of dollars! 
  • Many have speculated in past years that up to 50% of puppies adopted through public shelter adoption programs, and 30% of puppies world wide from novice care givers, die from viruses after huge vet bills. Shouldn't your puppy be a HealthyPup with proper vaccines and wellness exam ALREADY DONE beginning at 4 weeks of age?

These pups are subject to quarantine and HealthyPups nursery care standard while owned by us. The age of the puppy you purchase determines how much of the veterinary care and puppy shot schedule has already been done prior to purchase. 3 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical. 4 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Neopar vaccine. 6 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Nobivac vaccine.  . 6 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Nobivac vaccine.  8 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Nobivac vaccine.10 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Neopar vaccine. 13 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Nobivac vaccine. 16 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Nobivac vaccine. Rabies vaccine. 20 WEEKS- fecal analysis, worming, meds if needed, ivomec topical, cocciastat, Nobivac vaccine. After the 20 week vaccines are complete, pets only need to go to the vet for vaccines once per year.  Most people buy cheapest, cutest, closest puppies with no regard for care standard. This is why I would guesstimate that up to 50% spend more at the vet immediately after purchasing a puppy than they paid for the puppy, and 1 of 3 go home and die.This is also why public shelters are often closed down and entire populations of dogs killed to stop spread of disease that should not have happened. Very few pets have been vaccinated properly from 5 weeks of age! This is why so many puppies and even older adult dogs are dying now from parrvo, distemper, and other mutated viruses in epidemic proportions, AFTER huge vet bills. Shouldn't YOUR puppy be a HealthyPup? 

Our puppies have begun their proper CRATE TRAINING (NOT confusing pad or paper training in the home of an inexperienced pet owner).
•It is not a good idea to teach puppies to urinate on pads or paper unless you always want them to do so, because it can cause some pets to become confused and potty on rugs or other objects in the floor by accident later!  
•It is also not a good idea to buy a puppy that was raised in a pet owner home before it was old enough to begin proper house training, unless you think buying pads and cleaning them would be more convenient for you than your pet going outside!

Come visit us, OR hire the PUPPY shipper courier service to drive the puppy to you!  We can also refer you to a shipping company that will send your puppy to an airport near you!

BEWARE of cute photoshopped pictures (one of the reasons why we show pets on video) too cute with prices too low to be true. The newspapers and internet are filled with scams of brokers and con artists who don't even have pets for sale.  You should never agree to send money for shipping, reserving a puppy, etc, without doing lots of research. I constantly receive calls from folks who have lost money.  You should also never buy a pet from someone who will only agree to ship to you or meet you somewhere, and does not want you visit their location to see pets in person.Most of these folks will tell you they are trying to protect their pets from the spread of disease or that you would get lost trying to find them as a ploy to keep you from seeing their animal care situation:)

Did you know?  I have sold many pups to people who work as paid employees or volunteers to public animal shelters, including  puppies to  "directors of animal control" (the supervisor and lead person who runs a public animal shelter). They say that healthy small breeds suitable for house pets are not often available for adoption at most shelters, and that there is a serious need for our puppies. One woman bought a puppy from me after working in a public shelter in one of this area's largest cities for four years without being able to find a small breed that she wanted to adopt.  Most of the adoptable shelter pets are larger mixes that many feel are too large for indoor pets, but some smaller pets are sometimes available. Unfortunately, many of the large breed mixes would not be adopted even if professionally raised small breed puppies were not available, because many families don't want this type of indoor pet, and few seem to want outdoor pets . Large breeds are becoming less popular as neighbors and insurance providers are becoming less tolerant of them. If you want a large pet, you can easily find one  at the public shelters.  However, I would advise not getting one that's too young.  Since many of the shelter puppies have not had proper veterinary care from the beginning, it is not uncommon to have problems.  Another disadvantage is that one or both parents are often unknown, making it hard to be sure how big some of these will get or exactly what they might grow to look like.  This year and in many  years past, many puppies sold in the U. S. have died from parvo virus alone,  producing huge vet bills, after not receiving vaccines and veterinary care in the way that we do it here. This should encourage all to be a good pet owner! Spay/neuter your pet so these unwanted large breed mixes are not born!

Google and check the prices of others. You will find that no one offers a better care standard and price than HealthyPups! 

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