We are a family owned nursery and rescue, (not a pet store or brokerage service)...open to public at this address since 1982!  Visit (Please LIKE) our facebook (open public forum) and references pages to read testimonies, Healthypups.com reviews, and contact others who have adopted pets from us! READ our material to learn of the convenience and peace of mind in choosing our pets! Please visit "Our Facility" to learn why breeding dogs (pets not spayed and neutered) should not live in homes with people, plus the real truthabout puppy mills, and how rescue terrorists are using media to scam the public out of 100,000,000.00+ per year in donations to save the animals, less than 1% of which may go to shelters. Visit our FAQ's and Warranty Page for much important info. See our Plan A Visit link.  We are here to help!

You will also learn about

  • hypoallergenic breeds, and how to manage  allergies/asthma/shedding without groomer expenses,
  • proper house training,
  • scams by puppy sellers,
  • importance of proper care standard- visit our Frequently Asked Questions link to consider breed specific ownership costs and issues! Please read, share, and bookmark our web site!

Our puppies have begun their proper CRATE TRAINING (NOT confusing pad or paper training in the home of an inexperienced pet owner).
•It is not a good idea to teach puppies to urinate on pads or paper unless you always want them to do so, because it can cause some pets to become confused and potty on rugs or other objects in the floor by accident later!  
•It is also not a good idea to buy a puppy that was raised in a pet owner home before it was old enough to begin proper house training, unless you think buying pads and cleaning them would be more convenient for you than your pet going outside!

Come visit us, OR hire the PUPPY shipper courier service to drive the puppy to you!  We can also refer you to a shipping company that will send your puppy to an airport near you!

BEWARE of cute photoshopped pictures (one of the reasons why we show pets on video) too cute with prices too low to be true. The newspapers and internet are filled with scams of brokers and con artists who don't even have pets for sale.  You should never agree to send money for shipping, reserving a puppy, etc, without doing lots of research. I constantly receive calls from folks who have lost money.  You should also never buy a pet from someone who will only agree to ship to you or meet you somewhere, and does not want you visit their location to see pets in person.Most of these folks will tell you they are trying to protect their pets from the spread of disease or that you would get lost trying to find them as a ploy to keep you from seeing their animal care situation:)

Google and check the prices of others. You will find that no one offers a better care standard and price than HealthyPups! 

Please call us at (336) 957-3609 or email with any questionsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.