Printable Driving Directions To Healthy Pups For Sale, Roaring River, NC!


We are normally open for pet pickups/viewings 6 days per week by appointment only, including most Saturday and Sunday mornings! Call to schedule an in-person visit, Facetime, Facebook messenger live session, or a curbside puppy pickup- (336 ) 957-3609. 

Puppies are raised in Quarantine

No one wants unexpected vet bills or heartbroken children! To protect our puppies from viruses brought in by the public and to reduce unexpected veterinary expenses for our puppy buyers, we raise the puppies in strict quarantine. Buyers may view an individual puppy or a small group of puppies in person OR through video chat. If you can view the puppies through video chat and decide which puppy you want BEFORE you come, we can bathe your puppy, do its wellness exam, and fill out your paperwork so you don't have to wait when you come to pick up a puppy. Come without first telling us which one you want and you should be prepared to wait while we make the puppy ready to go home with you. This can take some time, especially if you come on a day when other families have already scheduled appointments.

A wise person like you would not want to buy a puppy from a seller who would let your kids play with it before you take it home because the family that petted it before you may have already infected it! Since viruses are highly contagious to other puppies and 90% of those with Parvo strain B are dying without treatment, we will always raise the puppies in strict quarantine and only allow the public to pet the puppy they are taking home!

I recently advised a breeder of Golden Retrievers on how to stop the spread of Parvovirus in two litters of her puppies. She said one family came and petted five different puppies, and all 5 of those puppies became sick with Parvovirus at the same time a few days later. Would you be upset if you bought a puppy from us and learned that another family had brought a virus from other sick puppies before you took it home? This is why NO ONE pets our puppies unless they are taking it home!

Personality is not an issue with a properly bred dog.

Purebred dogs that have been line bred for show purposes often have unbalanced personalities. ALL mixes have wonderful personalities and are very sweet after they have adapted to a new home. Love them, and they will quickly return your affection! Our regular business hours are 10 am to 4pm, six days per week by appointment, with closed days posted below, but we sometimes work beyond these hours when there is no conflict with family events.

Business Days and Hours

The following paragraph is not to force biblical theology on you, but posted so you understand our business days and hoursMany people think it unusual that we are open most Sunday mornings and often closed on weekdays, so we get questions about this.  History, science, archaeology, and the Bible itself have convinced me that Christ and the Apostles used Yahuwah's lunisolar calendar, and that our Roman Gregorian calendar, invented more than 1500 years after the crucifixion, gives incorrect days for worship. I have provided the following article for those who want to know more. If you don't want to know, then don't read it! 

We will follow the example of Christ and be closed on the following dates:


  • 10-10-24
  • 10-17-24
  • 10-31-24


  • 6-14-24
  • 6-21-24
  • 6-28-24
  • 7-5-24


  • 7-13-24
  • 7-20-24
  • 7-27-24
  • 8-3-24
  • 11-9-24
  • 11-16-24
  • 11-23-24
  • 11-30-24


  • 12-8-24
  • 12-15-24
  • 12-22-24
  • 12-29-24

We are a busy family with teens in school events and aging parents who can bring unforeseen family things, but we plan to be open by appointment all other days.

It is essential to be prepared when you come to pick up your puppy or to Facetime and choose a puppy if possible. Please don't request Facetime with pups if you are not a serious buyer ready to reserve or take your puppy home. Bathing tiny puppies unnecessarily is not good for them. The bio-secure way to view the puppies is through Facetime or Facebook messenger video chat. Please do a good job watching our puppy videos BEFORE you call to schedule Facetime. Please CALL me at 8:00 am of the morning if you want to view pups through FaceTime or come for curbside pickup appointments!

Did you know? Ten families per week get lost or waste much time when coming to visit here because they didn't read this page and made the mistake of thinking Mapquest or GPS can give better directions than someone who actually lives here.

The purpose of this website is to educate you and give you the opportunity to learn about pet issues and try to decide what type of puppy you will like better later before our virtual visit. Viewing the puppy videos will help you determine which pups you like best before we begin virtual visits and make your selection process easier.

Please make a viewing appointment AFTER your spouse, children, LANDLORD, etc, are in agreement THAT YOU CAN HAVE A PUPPY, that you are reasonably sure of the type of puppy you want, and you are financially able to have a puppy. For busy families who may have problems with everyone being home at a specific time to Facetime, updated video clips may be a better choice! We want to keep our puppies healthy. Please do not come here after visiting others to see puppies. We love our puppies and we love you, but we are not the puppy petting zoo.

Never come here without calling us before you leave home. We often take up to 50 telephone calls per day. This amount of communication can be overwhelming and can make it hard to remember appointments! Please call to make sure that we have had no unexpected emergencies and that we don't forget you! WE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE PHONE ALMOST ALL THE TIME TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE IF YOU SHOULD BECOME CONFUSED OR GET LOST WHEN TRAVELING TO pick up your puppy, so don't drive around lost. I had much rather help you than wait on you:) Please turn in the drive and follow the drive to the big porch beside the flag pole. CALL me when you arrive and we will bring your puppy out to meet you! Please be considerate enough to call us if you made an appointment and are not coming!



Our Address: 3707 White Plains Road, Roaring River, NC 28669.

We are located 15 miles east of Wilkesboro, NC, in the edge of the Northwest Foothills. We are NOT Charlotte dog Club. We are located about 1 hour north of Charlotte dog Club. We are not Happy Tail Puppies. We are located about 1.5 hours west of Happy Tail Puppies. Call us if you become confused with online info and need help with GPS and directions. Travel time from most triad/Western NC locations to Healthy Pups is approximately 1 hour or less.

Please print and use ONLY these directions.
Visitors often get lost after failing to write directions down correctly or using GPS/online directions assistance that is outdated due to road construction changes.

From Winston Salem, Greensboro, and all other points EAST!

Travel 1-40 by-pass west to Hwy 421 North exit in Winston Salem. Follow Hwy 421 North to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Statesville, Charlotte, and all other points SOUTH!

Travel 1-77 north to exit 73-B. Exit and travel Hwy 421 North to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road). See local directions below.

From Mount Airy (NC), Virginia, and all other points NORTH!
Travel 1-77 south to exit 85. Travel Hwy 268 west approximately 10 miles to Roaring River.  Turn right on White Plains Road. (White Plains Road is located 1/4 mile before crossing the Roaring River bridge) Our drive is located 3.5 miles on the left at 3683 White Plains. Our kennel sign is lighted after dark.

From Asheville, Hickory, Morganton, and all other points WEST!

Travel 1-40 east to exit 132 (Taylorsville/Hwy 16 North exit). Travel NC Hwy 16 North through and beyond Taylorsville to Hwy 421 South exit (approximately 45 minutes and near Wilkesboro). Travel Hwy 421 South to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Boone (NC), NW N.C. Mountains, NE Tennessee

Travel Hwy 421 south to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road). See local directions below.

Local Directions

Take exit 276 and follow the signs across Red, White, and Blue Road toward Highway 268 and Roaring River. After 4.3 miles across Red, White, and Blue Road you will come to a stop sign.  Turn right on Hwy 268 and travel approximately 1/4 mile to White Plains Road on the left.  Turn left and follow White Plains Road 3.4 miles to our driveway on the left.  Our street address is  3683 White Plains Road.  We have a sign near the mailbox that is easy to see. Please call when you arrive!

Please limit email questions to telephone contact requests. Simply send your phone number and a convenient time to be contacted and I will call you as quickly as possible. You should always call me if you want to communicate with me quickly. I answer the phone at your convenience; email at my convenience.

Emails constantly get lost in junk mail folders, and I spend hours looking for them.  I don't find some of them until weeks later.  Can't you PLEASE just call me with any questions! (336) 957-3609

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.