"The licensed veterinarians and legislators who drafted the Animal Welfare Act did so because they thought facilities like ours are the best way to keep them healthy!" Have you ever wondered why almost all of those who have websites to sell puppies only show pictures of the pets and won't let you visit where the pets are kept?  House pets must be spayed/neutered to prevent bleeding and marking, so kennels are the only safe and humane way to keep breeding dogs. The cost to build our kennel facility was approximately $1,000,000.00, and built with with NO donations.  Our operating expenses average $200,000.00 per year! Why does everyone want to ship a puppy to you, or meet you somewhere to sell you a pet, saying they don't allow visitors "because of disease risk'.  You can tell how much someone loves what they do by considering their investment that they have made in their business.  Many competitors have puppies crammed in garages, basements, and utility buildings with rabbit cages stacked three deep. Our facility is 10,920 square feet and is nicer than almost any public boarding kennel! The puppies receive constant attention and absolute best care.  But, more importantly, they are kept humanely by family who loves them!

Have you ever wondered why so many rescue people stage stories on television, post negative reviews online,  and create false blogs under anonymous screen names in social media (some even pretend to have visited or bought pets) to convince you that HealthyPups, AND all other kennels are a puppy mill?  Why do "humane societies" and rescue organizations attack breeders through media and brainwashed disciples, begging for your money to save the "abused and sick animals from inhumane conditions",  instead of soliciting legislators to enact tougher spay/neuter laws? Tougher laws could prevent so many of these unwanted large breed mixes from being born. They know that very few of those wanting house pets would adopt a large breed mix even if small breeds were not available from professional breeders. Is it possible that someone wants your money? Who is it that is really guilty of extreme animal exploitation? Attention BIG RECUE, please use the millions  per year in donations you are collecting from those sad commercials and kennel raids to spay and neuter America's dogs and cats instead of putting almost of it in your pocket.....PROBLEM SOLVED!

Visit www.humanewatch.org and also subscribe to them on facebook! It's time these terrorist money scams for personal profit are stopped! Email YOUR government representatives! Tell them that we need legislation NOW to make it illegal for any animal rescue group to solicit donations in any state without being able to prove that 90% of their donations are being spent to actually care for animals! 

LOCAL ANIMAL CONTROL is the ONLY organization that has the authority to actually shut down a facility that truly is a puppy mill. You can call them FOR FREE! We are registered with them and inspected by them regularly without warning, and you can check for yourself! You will also find that Doctors of Veterinary Medicine voluntarily serve as references on this web site. Why would you want to donate your hard earned money to rescue terrorists who only have authority to call animal control. Do you think that you and the other citizens of America could call animal control YOURSELF and save $100,000,000.00 per year in rescue solicitations through those TV commercials and online group blitzes? Local Animal Control is the best and only system that works! These rescue scam con artists cause problems for Animal Control, professional breeders, and extreme high prices for pets in areas lacking small breeds because of their legislative changes successfully lobbied in some states. These groups are not needed! You should contact your congressman/senator and suggest they look into the tax exempt status of these organizations and make it illegal for them to operate as non-profit if they have paid employees! It is impossible for a true puppy mill to exist for any significant time without being discovered by a complaining customer and shut down by Animal Control. These guys are LOCAL and on the job in each LOCAL AREA, AND THEY ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON THERE!

Did you know that a much higher percentage of pets used for breeding purposes in the home are likely to go to shelters than those kept by professional breeders? This is why so many skilled animal care professional people want to make it illegal to breed house pets.

Dogs that are not spayed and neutered mark their territory and exhibit many other undesirable sexual behaviors in the home! And, of course, pets that are spayed or neutered can't have puppies, SO where are puppies going to come from??? Rescue people who truly know about dogs realize that they must have dogs to rescue to continue their business and income.  This is why they suggest that breeding dogs be in homes with people, knowing that many will be evicted to shelters later, while creating  public perception that they are doing a good work. They also create the same perception when they raid kennels and take breeding dogs away from breeders, knowing that it's virtually impossible to house train an older, unaltered pet, and not caring if that pet is eventually abandoned in a shelter after being taken from a place where he was more likely to have been secure and would not be evicted for reproductive behaviors. Every idiot who thinks that all breeding dogs should live in the home with people instead of in a commercial breeding facility should be SENTENCED TO 15 YEARS, imprisoned in their home WITH A PET THAT CONSTANTLY marks his territory, comes in season and discharges blood throughout the home, howls or cries all night, tries to chew a hole in the wall to get outside and find a boyfriend, etc. The only successful way to keep an unaltered pet from marking his terroritory indoors is to make all of them wear diapers! Are you up for that challenge? Could you live with those behaviors for 20 years and not evict your pet from your home and send him to the shelter? Can you believe those bleeding heart television commercials are brainwashing public to send these rescue groups their money and to make you think that every commercial breeder is a puppy mill, just to keep the donation money flowing?

If you love animals, you should donate to your local shelter ONLY, or volunteer to work there. Your efforts and money should go to help animals, NOT to make the founders of rescue organizations, some of which are considered domestic terrorists by the U. S. government, wealthy! A domestic "animal issue" terrorist is someone who wants to attack others, change the law to fit their warped agenda without caring about the rights of others, organize demonstrations, undertake their own investigation, attack our public officials, shut down the gas chamber at the local shelter even though many veterinary professionals agree that euthanized animals suffer less with gas than with lethal injection, etc. The ONLY thing that works is to get your pet spayed or neutered and don't try to breed your house pet ... this is the best way to help keep them out of the shelter! You can learn more about these issues if you read the remainder of this page.

Our political leaders, almost all of which know very little about animal care that actually works, love dogs so much that they have given some animal rescue groups tax exempt status. (You should ask to see their IRS disclosure form if they claim to be non-profit.) Though most local Humane Societies, etc., are wonderful organizations that do a good work in helping unwanted pets find homes, some animal rights groups are privately owned for personal profit, and are in no way related to or a part of the local humane societies that we know, trust, and love. They prey upon the sympathies of pet owners to convince them to send more money that can be used at their discretion for a small amount of animal upkeep expenses, lavish personal expenses, and huge executive salaries that provide a wealthy lifestyle for the rescue owner(s) and surrounding friends or family. They constantly brainwash and recruit volunteer disciples, and convince them to help search out and shut down the puppy mills. They then search for and attempt to shut down kennel owners, most of which do a good job, in order to keep those tax exempt Hollywood donations flowing. The threats of rescue organizations also encourages breeders to euthanize any animal that is less than perfect, because no one wants to be the next "abused animal" story on the news.

They create an extreme double standard in preying upon the sympathies of dog lovers! FOR EXAMPLE, it is considered normal for adult humans to lose their teeth as they grow older, yet any dog that is comparably older with bad teeth will be on the news as an example of neglect:( You should be glad these rescue terrorists don't work at an organization dealing with human issues, because if dealing with humans in the same way that they deal with animal issues, they would likely- TAKE YOUR GRANDMOTHER AWAY BECAUSE HER TEETH ARE BAD OR MISSING (if they could get you to send money for their personal profit and make you believe you were saving her)! SHUT DOWN THE HOSPITAL AND CALL SOCIAL SERVICES TO RESCUE THE SICK PEOPLE IN THERE. FILE SUIT AGAINST DOCTORS AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE BABIES ARE BORN WITH BIRTH DEFECTS, GET THE DOCTOR SHUT DOWN AND TAKE HIS PATIENTS AWAY BECAUSE A BABY GOT SICK AFTER GOING HOME, ETC.

It is my opinion that bad teeth in dogs is NOT caused by neglect or lack of dental care, but by malnutrition. The first dogs were hunters in the wild that ate raw living flesh;  not cereal from a bag.  Those humans who live in the jungle of New Guinea keep their teeth and their hair until they are old, even though few have ever seen a dentist.  My opinion is that they are healthier because of more raw plants in their diet!  It is interesting to note that people and our dogs are, in my opinion, the only two living things on earth that exhibit premature degenerative diseases before they are old.  Is it possible that in both pets and humans, these diseases are caused by malnutrition and toxicity, and no amount of treating the symptoms will solve the problem? My opinion is that only a return to their God given diet will help!

No one can care for any living thing without an occasional health problem. Breeders should not be harassed because of minor illnesses in pets, as long as they honor warranties and try to help the buyer solve the problem. You will be amazed that so many people with no understanding of issues will blame their family doctor for the death of a loved one, or their vet for the death of their pet.  It is sad that so many people in our country lack common sense to know how difficult it is, and how much experience it takes to successfully deal with animal health issues or even to clearly communicate with puppy buyers of lesser intelligence with no common sense. Check online reviews, and you will find that every veterinary doctor, pet nursery, rescue, kennel, etc, who cares for animals has negative reviews and criticisms.  Why? Because, it doesn't matter how well you do with animal care, there is the problem that so many people lack common sense to recognize correct perspective in care already given, and will have problems after not properly caring for the pet after they take it home.

After working with pets for 40 years, I have learned that one sick animal,  one miscommunication or complaint from one blogger with no common sense and no animal care knowledge gets all the attention and is posted online forever, while thousands of healthy puppies and happy people go without notice. Hands on experience is the only way for anyone to learn to care for animals.  Because puppies don't have the same right as human children to get sick in our society, and because puppies do get sick and cause breeders to be attacked and shut down by brainwashed animal lovers with no common sense, how can anyone in the future ever learn to care for puppies without being closed down before they learn how to do a good job.

I don't know where healthy puppies are to come from in the future of our country. It took years for me to learn how to successfully prevent health issues from occurring in the puppies we sell to public, and I was less successful in preventing problems in the early years as now. Most of the complaints that we had in past years are from pretend rescue heckler buyers, people who did not follow instructions and allowed small children to play with it so much it couldn't eat, OR from vaccine reactions after following the instructions of the animal scientists. It is complicated in dealing with baby animals, because not all buyers will follow care instructions. Again, breeder is responsible that buyer didn't follow instructions, and it becomes an ugly internet post or negative review after their vet bill:(  In today's society, even when the buyer of a baby puppy fails to follow instructions, the breeder always gets the blame for a health issue in a puppy, and it gets harder to deal with public because pet owners are brainwashed as to animal care and health issues by the rescue cons. Does  the rescue industry  think it's OK for people in America to spend more at the vet than they pay for the puppies they buy from inexperienced care givers, and it's OK for many  puppies adopted at public shelters to go home and die, while breeders are blogged and attacked in media for even the slightest problem by public with no common sense?  Is their game is to prey upon public pet sympathies and keep the donations flowing?  You decide.

Yes, I'll bet you thought all of your save the animals donations being solicited through those bleeding heart commercials was being spent on the animals, didn't you? You can learn more about these con artist terrorists and the struggles of professional breeders with them at www.usabreeders.com.This is also a good website to visit if you want to learn how to respond to threats if you are being harassed over an animal issue. It may be that you want to join their anti-terrorism fight and maintain that the American public DOES have a right to have places to go and buy a healthy professionally maintained pet at a fair price! If you are an ethical breeder who is being harassed or investigated by animal rights groups who have no jurisdiction over your business, you should report this to your local sheriff and your government representatives. It is possible that they can be prosecuted and you recover losses under Public Law 102-346, The Animal Enterprise Protection Act.

The public through the liberal media is constantly brainwashed to believe that anyone who has even a small group of dogs is a "puppy mill." Every time a bad situation is discovered, these events are given top priority in media coverage. Professional breeders are judged by an unfair standard regarding health issues and living circumstances of the pets. Not all buyers will follow care instructions with puppies, and not all animal care professionals have common sense to properly identify and treat health issues. Every time someone buys a puppy from a professional breeder and it develops a health issue, the fact that the dog got sick immediately results in the breeder being called a "puppy mill". Is it possible that  most rescue advocates will always tell the public to adopt at the shelter, even though it is common for 50% or more of shelter puppies to go home and die, because preying upon pet sympathies results in billions in donations for them? Grandma's favorite lap dog is seldom available at the shelter. Most rescues are large breed or pit bull mixes.  It can take an entire lifetime of experience to learn to properly identify and treat health issues in pets. Because professional breeders have much more experience than pet owners, you are much more likely to get a healthy pet from a good professional breeder than from a hobby breeder/pet owner or from the shelter. Because of pet sympathies, the media knows that attacking "puppy millers" is information that sells their product. Some animal rights advocates and dog hobbyists would even like to blame professional breeders that so many unwanted dogs are euthanized in shelters, but many of these shelter dogs would never be adopted even if other puppies were not available, because few people want large breed mixes for indoor pets.

Because governmental legislators with the assistance of veterinary professionals in the United States have set forth standards governing the keeping of animals within the United States, we have chosen to raise our puppies in a USDA Standard animal care facility. Since we do not and have never sold to pet stores, inspections of our facility are the responsibility of local Animal Control. After caring for animals since 1982, I have learned that there is no other way to raise puppies and keep them healthy. They must be raised in a facility in which all surfaces can be cleaned and sterilized.  If you have questions concerning the representation and treatment of animals you may write to those persons (DIRECTOR OF ANIMAL CONTROL, local veterinarians, humane society officers, law enforcement officers, etc.) who voluntarily serve as contacts on our references page!

Are you a brainwashed by the media pet lover who thinks dogs raised in kennels need to be rescued? What gave you the idea that pets kept in the home are happier than kennel pets? How would you like for someone to spay/neuter you, never allow you to do love, marriage, and family, and decide how and where you were to live without your consent? Could it be that your beloved house pet would choose to live in our kennel in a protected and cared for colony with other members of his own kind if you allowed him to choose between playing house with girlfriends and having his private parts removed to a life of celibacy just to spend most of his time in another cage with you? I recently received an email from another breeder which read that a horse group was discussing the fact that I keep dogs in cages and enclosures, and how evil they thought it was that they were not free to roam. I immediately wondered if their horses had as much room in their stalls and pens as do my dogs, and I wondered if any of those hypocrites had ever considered the consequences of turning any of those horses loose to run free where they choose!

If good kennels did not exist, there would be a huge shortage of small breed puppies, driving prices so high that only the wealthy could afford to buy one. More pets than ever before would go to shelters, since they then would be bred in a place where they are likely to be evicted for peeing in the floor, marking their territory, etc. The cost of veterinary care would also increase, since there would likely not be enough affordable personal pets to support the continued existence of veterinary practices as we have them today.