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NO, you don't have to buy a puppy mill puppy being resold by a broker who co-owns breeding dogs with hundreds of breeders, scams you to believe they have hands-on raised the puppies, know all of the ancestors, and "HOW BIG" it's going to get! You don't have to buy from a pet owner who has already accidentally trained it to pee in your floor.

When you get on a website and see 50+ pages of puppies, you will know they are lying to you because it's impossible for one breeder to house and care for 1,000 puppies. Ask most people who are buying a puppy, and 100% of them will tell you that they don't want to buy from a puppy mill. Yet, many of them will buy from a broker who pretends that they raised the puppy, that their breeders are part of their family, and that the government inspects their homes.

The truth is that most of these breeders are inspected only when someone calls Animal Control and complains. If the breeder sells to a broker and they do not have to deal directly with public, then no one complains and some of these breeders may never be inspected.

If you really want to buy a USDA standard government-inspected puppy directly from the person who actually bred the puppy and doesn't have to lie about knowing its history, we may have absolutely NO COMPETITION in search results because almost all online sellers are either scammers or brokers who have created superficially impressive organizations.

Can I afford a new Puppy?

Every family CAN afford a puppy, and SAVE MONEY in buying a good puppy. Bored families go out and waste money. Playing with a puppy at home is a free gift that continues to give, while superficial entertainment is one and done. We also gladly provide ownership education which can lower long term ownership costs, initial vet bills, and increase the life expectancy of your pet! Many buyers look for the cheapest puppy. We average 5 calls per day from those who have sent deposits to a scammer pretending to have a puppy, AND we regularly talk to folks who had unexpected vet bills from backyard puppies bought from inexperienced care givers and scammed by brokers. You are much less likely to have unexpected expenses from an experienced breeder. Our knowledge has come through 40+ years of hands on experience with the same group of pets.  Not even our senior vets have likely had this unique learning opportunity! The best answer for our next best friend is preventative maintenance-NOT pet insurance or long term warranty scams. Our goal is that you have the best life with your puppy, AND that you don't get scammed by those who want to sell you goods and services throughout the life of your p! Healthy Pups is a family owned nursery open for business on this property since 1982! We focus on better care standard, diverse gentics to improve mental and physical health of our puppies, so they are genetically healthy with wonderful personalities, and preventative ownership education that can reverse and prevent many canine diseases! Having more experience than almost anyone else in the pet business, we enjoy sharing our valuable experiences to help you have a better pet ownership experience, and to improve your chances of having a longer and better quality life with your pet!

Healthy Pups is USDA STANDARD, GOVERNMENT INSPECTED, and a quarantine nursery!

I once imported a rare breed puppy from Italy. I paid $11,000.00 plus shipping for this puppy and had it die from parvovirus in less than 1 week. The puppy had been exposed to a virus before being shipped to me, and the vaccine it had been given did not protect it. Everyone is wrong in thinking a virus won't happen to me, that a shot can protect it, and that the vet can fix it. A virus at the emergency vet in today's world can cost enough to buy a reasonably nice used car, and most tiny puppies aren't surviving the latest strain of this virus.

IMAGINE having to disassemble and bleach down your home before you can get another puppy after a parvo puppy has contaminated your home with shed viruses.  This is why we keep young puppies in quarantine, with carefully supervised bio-secure visits with the public. You can visit to see puppies by appointment. Please CALL to make arrangements for the visit! However, visitors may pet only they puppy that they are taking home because none of us can afford a puppy virus. Would you trust that people window shopping for a puppy did not already pet a sick puppy while visiting other breeders, or have another puppy at home that may be shedding viruses because it was just vaccinated? Unfortunately, many people will lie to get what they want at the moment, and may bring your puppy a virus from another breeder if we let public freely pet them. A WISE PERSON WOULD NOT BUY FROM A BREEDER OR PET STORE WHO WOULD LET YOUR CHILDREN COME AND PLAY WITH THE PUPPIES! We can show you individual puppies OR a small puppy group of your choosing in person OR through video chat. You can come to pick up a puppy curbside OR you can see multiple pets in person as a group. It is important to realize that you don't have to wait IF we know which puppy you want BEFORE you come because we can bathe the puppy, do the wellness exam, and have your paperwork done when you arrive. If you come to look at multiple pets, especially on a day when we're having other visitors already scheduled to pick up pups, you may have to wait while we bathe your puppy and get it ready to go home.  There also may be delays if we are already helping another family at the same time we are visiting with other families who are taking home those puppies that we have already prepared for pickup. To look at individual puppies or a small group of puppies through video chat and come for curbside pickup of the one you want to take home is the smarter way to do this! Our puppies are bred with diverse genetics to produce wonderful personalities, so this is not a concern!

An established puppy seller who has no negative reviews is a scammer with FAKE reviews!

It is sad that 90% of those who will take time to leave reviews are angry. Most happy people won't take the time to review. Public doesn't realize that no one can deal with people and living things without incident because much of science is a scam that disagrees with reality, and living things are fragile and subject to proper care after going home. Those who believe in science are often angry because of the DNA testing scam, which is accurate only if their puppy comes from the same marker group as the DNA test marker itself. Many purebred dogs will not have an agreeable DNA test, and no dog with diverse genetics so as to allow for good health, intelligence, and good personality is likely to get a matching DNA result.

We have repeatedly seen littermate siblings test as having no ancestors in common. When you read reviews of established repeat sellers that do not contain complaints of viruses, DNA mismatch, or parasites, and "genetic" diseases, you know you are being scammed by a seller with fake reviews generated by reputation management software or cleansing companies. All of these issues are often blamed on breeders by inexperienced vets who have vaccinated puppies too small and too young that caused giardia blooms, heart murmurs, or a vaccine-induced virus. Poor choices in foods and commercial doggie treats can result in puppies quickly developing diseases that vets most often diagnose as genetic issues.  Politically bias rescue hecklers, science junkies, or kids who failed to read our material and follow instructions are likely to leave negative reviews. 

To read honest reviews NOT generated by reputation management software or cleansed by review removal companies, visit our REFERENCES link.

You can also interact with hundreds of past customers who have bought our pets on FACEBOOK! Learn about ownership education and why EXPERIENCE in preventative counseling can help prevent long-term diseases in your puppy! Learn about PET POLITICS in OUR FACILITY!! YES, you can come pick up a puppy WITHOUT sending a deposit, OR, if you want to reserve the puppy until you come to get it at your convenience, place a $200.00 scam proof paypal deposit and pay nothing else until you come! We will also be glad to work with Flight Nannies and courier services of your choosing that come to pick up your pet for you and be delivered at an airport of your choosing! Puppy brokers constantly reinvent themselves to erase negative reviews, scam you with pre-training options, and a health warranty that's void unless you make health plan payments for the next 10 years and buy thousands in their doggie treats! Our pets come WITH an HONEST health warranty, and WITHOUT a fabricated history....pets that truly ARE from our family to yours! Click here to view ALL AVAILABLE PUPS together on the same page!  Click on links with SPEAKERS ON to watch videos! Read under the videos for price, and inside the video interface for specific visitor guidelines, purchase information, and sales policies. Please note that some pups in the videos have just been bathed and may shiver. Covid has brought many challenges to families, and a few have gotten sick unexpectedly or died, and could not take home the pet they had reserved. As a result of this, we do have a few slightly older pets on sale with more shots and veterinary work already done, which are a great age/size to play with an existing pet and survive your children! ALL of them have great personalities!  We invite YOU to explore our website and references! Read, listen, and call to discuss our breeding practices plus care standard. You will discover why so many professionals rank Healthy Pups as one of the best breeders internationally, and why so many families would never trust their pet experience to anyone else! We invite YOU to be a part of the Healthy Pups family! CALL to schedule a Facetime, Google Duo, or Facebook Messenger video chat with our pets today BEFORE you drive out to see us! WARNING- 1 gal of milk weighs 8.6 lbs. Pups in our videos are much smaller than they appear! Children taking home puppies that are too young and too small because they think the tiniest one is the cutest is the leading cause of unexpected vet bills in America today! Please call to discuss these issues! (336) 957-3609

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