HOURS:  We are open most days by appointment only! Call to schedule a visit- (336 ) 957-3609. Come without an appointment and you risk that I may not be available to help you! 

NO PERSONAL CHECKS: CASH or U. S. postal money order preferred!  We also accept paypal (add 3% fee). 

Did you know? 10 families per week get lost or waste much time when coming to visit here because they didn't read this page and made the mistake of thinking Mapquest or GPS  can give better directions that someone who actually lives here.

Please be sure to read all material on this web site before calling for an appointment.
This improves the chances that you have clear understanding of issues and sales policies, prices, etc., and that you will be successful in finding a pet here. Please don't be a family that refuses to read and drives a great distance without knowing how much they cost, what's available, or that we don't take checks. I don't want yours to be a family that leaves without a pet and your kids in tears because you did not have a clear understanding of pricing, sales policies, etc., before your visit. This material will also help in deciding what type of pet you will like best and lessen the chances that you will come out and waste your time and mine in not being able to make a decision.

The purpose of this web site is to educate you and give you the opportunity to learn about pet issues and try to decide what type of pet you will like better later  before you visit.

Please don't make an appointment until you, your spouse. children, LANDLORD, etc., are in agreement THAT YOU CAN HAVE A PET, that you are reasonably sure of the type of pet you want, and that you are financially prepared and able to purchase or reserve a pet while you are here.

Please do not come and see puppies without bringing all of the family members with you who will be involved in choosing the  puppy. 
I often have people visit who can't make a decision without another family member present. Since we average having approximately 1000 families visit here per year, many of those people are later disappointed that someone else bought the pet they decided they wanted before they could bring another family member out to see it.

Please do not visit here after visiting others to see puppies.  Our pets are kept in quarantine with minimal risk of disease exposure other than from YOU.  Childish buyers who lack the intelligence to be committed to buying our pets before they visit because of better education and care standard should not come here and compromise the ownership experience of others by putting all the pets at risk of exposure.

Never come to visit without calling us as you leave for your visit here. We often take up to 50 telephone calls per day. This amount of communication can be overwhelming and can make it hard to remember appointments!  Please call to make sure that we have had no unexpected emergencies and that we don't forget you! WE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE PHONE ALMOST ALL THE TIME TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE IF YOU SHOULD BECOME CONFUSED OR GET LOST WHEN TRAVELING TO VISIT OUR KENNEL. Please turn in the main drive beside our sign, park your vehicle near our home,  and walk behind our home and down to the kennel facility.  Do not come to the front door of our home. We will meet you at the back door of our home or we may already be in the kennel facility.

Please be considerate enough to call us if you made an appointment and are not coming!


Our address is: 3683 White Plains Road, Roaring River, NC 28669.

We are located 15 miles east of Wilkesboro, NC, in the edge of the Northwest Foothills. Travel time from most triad/Western NC locations is approximately 1 hour or less. To satisfy record keeping requirements of the Animal Welfare Act, we ask that all adults bring a valid driver's license or other photo identification.

Please print and use ONLY these directions.

Visitors often get lost after failing to write directions down correctly or using GPS/online directions assistance that is 15 years outdated with road construction changes...

We accept U. S. postal money orders,  cash, or paypal. Sorry, no personal checks. We do have guest wifi if you want to use your device and paypal app to pay.  An approximate 30% deposit is required to reserve a pet.  Deposits go toward the purchase price of the pet, and are refundable or transferable only if we fail to provide the pet as agreed. You should bring payment with you if you plan to buy or to reserve a pet.
The nearest ATM is located 8 miles from the kennel. Although some may disagree that pets can get sick from human borne illnesses,  I am convinced that some of the respiratory viruses that plague humans can indeed be spread to animals. 

Please do not come pet our puppies without cleaning your hands if you or any family member has a cold, sinus infection, flu, etc.

From Winston Salem, Greensboro, and all other points EAST!

Travel 1-40 by-pass west to Hwy 421 North exit in Winston Salem. Follow Hwy 421 North to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Statesville, Charlotte, and all other points SOUTH!

Travel 1-77 north to exit 73-B. Exit and travel Hwy 421 North to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Mount Airy (NC), Virginia, and all other points NORTH!
Travel 1-77 south to exit 85.  Travel Hwy 268 west approximately 10 miles to Roaring River.  Turn right on White Plains Road. (White Plains Road is located 1/4 mile before crossing the Roaring River bridge) Our drive is located 3.5 miles on the left at 3683 White Plains.  Our kennel sign is lighted after dark.

From Asheville, Hickory, Morganton, and all other points WEST!

Travel 1-40 east to exit 132 (Taylorsville/Hwy 16 North exit).  Travel NC Hwy 16 North through and beyond Taylorsville to Hwy 421 South exit (approximately 45 minutes and near Wilkesboro).  Travel Hwy 421 South to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Boone (NC), NW N.C.  Mountains,  NE Tennessee

Travel Hwy 421 south to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

Local DirectionsTake exit 276 and follow the signs across Red, White, and Blue Road toward Highway 268 and Roaring River. After 4.3 miles across Red, White, and Blue Road you will come to a stop sign.  Turn right on Hwy 268 and travel approximately 1/4 mile to White Plains Road on the left.  Turn left and follow White Plains Road 3.4 miles to our driveway on the left.  Our street address is  3683 White Plains Road.  We have a sign near the mailbox that is easy to see.

Please park in our driveway near the carport, and walk though the grass to the other end of our home. The VISITORS PETTING AREA is located inside the basement of our home. If you made an appointment to see the puppies, it is OK to come inside without knocking as I am often busy with other customers or bathing pups and can't answer the door!  If you are handicapped, we can bring puppies to the carport area or to your vehicle for viewing.

Come visit us, OR ground to door PUPPY SHIPPING is available to most areas! You may also make arrangements for our courier to ship to an airport near you!  Prices can sometimes be cheaper if courier is moving multiple pets to your area and does not make a trip just for your delivery.  Contact www.tailwagginpettransport.com for estimates.   The courier's name is Randy Smith.  You can call him at (740) 215-6164. 

Please limit email questions to telephone contact requests. Simply send your phone number and a convenient time to be contacted and I will call you as quickly as possible. You should always call me if you want to communicate with me quickly. I answer the phone at your convenience; email at my convenience.

Emails constantly get lost in junk mail folders, and I spend hours looking for them.  Some of them I don't find until weeks later.  Can't you PLEASE just call me with any questions! (336) 957-3609

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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