Welcome to HealthyPups nursery and rescue...a  great place to meet your next best puppy friend, open to public at our current location since 1982! Please visit our facebook page, an open public forum, to read past customer posts and communicate with others who have adopted pets from us! READour material to learn of the convenience and peace of mind in choosing our pets, and to get alife changing, fair and balanced education about teacup dogs, breed specific health  issues, best ways to deal with allergies/asthma/shedding,  proper house training, money scams of falsified puppy mill commercialsscams by puppy sellers, dog ownership issues, and the importance of a proper care standard! Every

Come visit us in person, OR ground to door DELIVERY is available to most areas! We can also ship to an airport near you!

It is EASY to choose a puppy from the videos in our gallery! After you view the puppies online to see if we have a puppy you like, we can thenmake an appointment for YOU to VISIT us to buy your puppy in person, or  SHIP it to your home, or to an airport near you!We make buying a puppy EASY!

Our pets are subject to a PROFESSIONAL CARE STANDARD WITH 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Every year in America, approximately half of those who buy or adopt puppies (all of them thinking this won't happen to me) experience unexpected vet bills that could have easily been prevented (some excessive) immediately after purchasing the cheapest, cutest, and most conveniently located puppies.....raised by inexperienced pet owners who don't really know how to properly care for them. Many young puppies go home and die from contaminating viruses requiring sterilization of homes, grounds, and properties even after expensive treatments because the puppy wasn't given Neopar at 5 weeks of age. We at HealthyPups offer puppies for sale with a history of 0 viral losses for many years now. Because our preventative neonatal veterinary care standard is advanced, the Veterinary Medical Board has sent me a letter stating that I can no longer advertise details of it without a license to practice medicine:) This letter has been laminated and proudly displayed on the bulletin board in our nursery.  30 years experience means that our pets are the best choice for the intelligent buyer who expects their new puppy to not need unexpected veterinary care tomorrow...at a price that in most cases is equal to what the veterinary care already provided the pet would have likely cost you! Come discover why your puppy should be bred only by the most experienced care giver, and why so many educated medical professionals would never even consider buying a puppy from the home of a novice pet owner, or adopting a free pet with an incorrect care standard! This web site is a convenient way to see our puppies,  and also a great opportunity to learn which breeds are better with children, more intelligent, easiest to house train, genetically healthier, and cheapest to own! LEARN about different and most affordable ways to eliminate shedding and to deal with human allergies!

HealthyPups is NOT a puppy mill. Please visit "Our Facility" to learn the real truth about puppy mills and rescue issues. You may be surprised to learn that some of these privately owned "rescue" organizations prey upon the sympathies of dog lovers to collect approximately 100,000,000.00 per year in donations through save the animals commercials, masquerading as non-profit public humane organizations while millions of dollars in owner salaries are hidden in their budget:(

BEWARE of cute photoshopped pictures (one of the reasons why we show pets on video) too cute with prices too low to be true. The newspapers and internet are filled with scams of brokers and con artists who don't even have pets for sale.  You should never agree to send money for shipping, reserving a puppy, etc, without doing lots of research. I constantly receive calls from folks who have lost money.  You should also never buy a pet from someone who will only agree to ship to you or meet you somewhere, and does not want you visit their location to see pets in person.Most of these folks will tell you they are trying to protect their pets from the spread of disease or that you would get lost trying to find them as a ploy to keep you from seeing their animal care situation:)

Puppies are very expensive in some areas of the world, and cost much less in others. If you live in one of those areas where puppies cost more,we invite you to come visit here to buy your next puppy OR let us SHIP ONE TO YOU!  Our clients often save 50% or more, as compared with buying a pet in their local area! Please call us at (336) 957-3609 or email with any questions! For quick contact, please call.  Approximately half my emails get caught in the quarantine filter, and are delivered only once per 24 hours. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Allergies and asthma in humans are in my opinion NOT GENETIC issues that must be endured. Most medical doctors seem reluctant to suggest changes that don't make money for them. After all, they are making billions offering only temporary relief of those symptoms! I am about to suggest a solution that can allow the body to heal itself from this affliction and bring permanent relief if done properly.  Allergies, asthma, and other similar conditions occur when the human body is not performing properly because the diet lacks the living enzymes that come from eating the raw fruits and vegetables intended by God when he created man. The menu is posted in the owners manual for the human body; Genesis 1:29 (if you think you're an atheist, you will believe in God after you experience the healing that properly following his instructions by ingesting ONLY these things can bring after a few months). If you read the book of Genesis, you will find that God did not give man permission to eat "every living thing that moves" until after the disobedience of Adam and the fall of man, resulting in the curse of sickness for the world. The change in the food is, in my opinion, the tool that God used to bring the curse.  I am one example of someone whose severe allergies were gone in two weeks (my cancer along with many other health problems disappeared without drugs or surgery after 15 months) after going on an 85% raw diet. As a certified Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, I have also heard many other similar testimonies of healing in other people of not only allergies and asthma, but of recovering from terminal cancer and every known disease, many of which are always diagnosed as incurable, simply by making dietary changes. Many people share the opinion that 90% of those suffering from diseases thought to be incurable could recover by doing this (if they did it as a first choice rather than a last resort, with their body already damaged by prescription drugs or mutilated by surgery).  It is also my opinion that children can be born with a less healthy immune system and have these problems because their mother did not eat enough raw fruits and vegetables during her pregnancy. If you truly believe that everything is about genetics, I would recommend you read "The China Project", available on the Hallelujah Acres website.  If you become interested in healthy diet and choose to order products from Hallelujah Acres, please use the referral code FCA, so they know that my referral sent you to them! If you would like to learn more about these issues, I invite you to be my friend on face book.  http://www.facebook.com/irvin.blackburn

If the allergy patient is not willing to throw away the sodas, junk food, etc., and make healthy dietary changes, the next best option is to buy a hypoallergenic pet. If you have questions regarding these issues, please call. Many medical professionals suggest that a pet that doesn't shed may be the best choice for a person with asthma or allergies.  This may be a great choice if the allergies are to shed hair only.  The problem with this scenario is that most who are allergic to one thing are also bothered by other things.  Although many of the girlie pets don't shed,  all long haired dogs, some more than others,  do have significant body odor that can be a problem to the allergy patient bothered by smells. Although short haired breeds shed, they smell better after a year without a bath than many long coats do after 1 week. Other options are broken-coated dogs, some of which shed less than short coated dogs, and hairless dogs!