Welcome To Healthy Pups! Know where your puppy came from! We are a private nursery with USDA standard family raised puppies for sale! Call us BEFORE you're scammed by fake sellers seeking deposits, cleverly disguised broker pet stores with fake reviews, impressive facilities, and elaborate websites who are reselling backyard "5 star elite" puppies for a quick profit. Will you be conned into making unnecessary monthly insurance or other payments, or have unexpected vet bills from inexperienced care givers? If you buy your puppy from a breeder group, club, or pet store and cannot visit the birthplace of your puppy, then how can you really be sure you're not buying from a puppy mill? Come and visit the birthplace of your puppy and learn it's true history from the breeder who raised it.
This website is updated after each sale! READ our FAQ’s & WARRANTY page to learn more about our honest warranty, UPCOMING LITTERS, and many other important and complex pet issues! Visit OUR FACILITY to learn why rescue organizations want you to believe that all breeders are a puppy mill! Do your kids have ALLERGIES? Let us help! Learn about us BEFORE you are scammed by puppy sellers and care givers in ways that you have not yet imagined! To read REVIEWS, visit our REFERENCES link. Our reviews are real- NOT generated by reputation management software and have not been cleansed by review erasing companies! Interact with hundreds of past customers who have bought our pets on FACEBOOK!  Call with questions! Come NOW to buy a Healthypup WITHOUT sending a deposit, OR place a $208.00 deposit to hold until your pickup date! Reasonable offers considered for select pets! Major credit cards accepted! (Please call/email immediately after using cards). We can refer you to honest local & nationwide delivery! FREE CONSULTATIONS! We invite YOU to join the Healthy Pups family!

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