Every family CAN afford a puppy, and SAVE MONEY in buying a good puppy.

Bored families go out and waste money. Playing with a puppy at home is a free gift that continues to give, while superficial entertainment is one and done. We also gladly provide ownership education which can lower long-term ownership costs, initial vet bills, and increase the life expectancy of your pet! Many buyers look for the cheapest puppy. 

We average 5 calls per day from those who have sent deposits to a scammer pretending to have a puppy, AND we regularly talk to folks who had unexpected vet bills from backyard puppies bought from inexperienced caregivers. You are much less likely to have unexpected expenses from an experienced breeder. Our knowledge has come through 40+ years of hands-on experience with the same group of pets.  Not even our senior vets have likely had this unique learning opportunity!

The best answer for our pets is preventative maintenance-NOT pet insurance or long-term warranty scams. Our goal is that you have the best life with your pet AND that you don't get scammed by those who want to sell you goods and services throughout the life of your pet! Healthy Pups is a family-owned nursery open for business on this property since 1982! We focus on better care standards, diverse genetics to improve the mental and physical health of our puppies, and preventative ownership education that can reverse and prevent many canine diseases!

Having more experience than almost anyone else in the pet business, we enjoy sharing our valuable experiences to help you have a better pet ownership experience, and to improve your chances of having a longer and better quality life with your pet! Thanks, Irvin Blackburn, owner- www.healthypups.com (336) 957-3609