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If you have bought a pet from us in the past and would like to be included on this list as a contactable reference and tell others about your pet experience here,  please email your information! You may also post recommendations to our FACEBOOK page,  plus you can freely interact with hundreds of families who have bought pets from us! 

WARNING! Improper communications to these list members from hecklers, etc, which attack, slander, or seem abusive in any way will not be tolerated. List members please forward such emails to iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can forward them to the abuse address of the senders internet service provider or other appropriate parties. Such emails can be a terms of service violation and may result in suspension or termination of senders internet service account or have even greater consequences. Reviews to the facebook page that are based upon political agenda or bias misinformation and ignorance will also be subject to self defense mode!

Dr. Nash Williams, DVM, Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital, 2970 US Hwy 21 N, Sparta, NC 28675. Dr. Nash is our first choice for veterinary care the way it used to be.  Now 76 years old, he is a wonderful human being and one of the very best common sense veterinary doctors. If you have a veterinary emergency, they still do nights and weekends at a fair price. Phone:  336 372 8744. When asked about being a reference for Healthy Pups, Dr. Nash said he would be honored.  You have by far in every way the nicest facility and well cared for animals that I have ever visited in my career, he said!....everyone knows you shouldn't breed house pets, and small hypoallergenic dogs are almost never available at shelters.  Without breeders like you folks, people would have no pets and we vets would have no jobs!

Dr.  John Stinson, DVM, Animal Hospital of Wilkes, 1609 Curtis Bridge Road, Wilkesboro, NC 28697. Our veterinary practice has examined pets from this pet nursery and also periodically visited the kennel facility to perform veterinary services since 1982. He has been a good friend and a supervising veterinary doctor. Send written correspondence that includes name, physical address, work and home phone.

C.S.Jackson, DVM, Thanks for voluntarily serving as a contact on this page from 1985 til 2016. You are a wonderful person,  good neighbor, wonderful public servant, and one of the very best veterinary doctors!  We will miss you!

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I am the girl who picked up a jackrat back around new years- we're in New York City.  I just want to let you know that he is the greatest thing I could have ever added to my life.  New York is a very dog friendly city.  I take him to the dog run every day, and dogs can run free off the leash in the park before 9am. It took me a month to house train him, and he hasn't had an accident yet!  Sometimes he goes to school with me when I teach classes and the students love him.  He also frequents the New York bar scene- there are quite a few dog friendly bars around here. I named him Torque(it means "the moment of force").  How's that for anything related to a jack russell terrier?!  I'm sending you a photo that I took with my cell phone.  Thanks so much for being a terrific breeder.  This dog is exactly what I was looking for- and so much more.  Good luck with your business.  I may be back for another jackrat puppy in a couple of years. All the best to you and your canine ranch. – Sincerely, Marissa Byers Jackadoodle update! Your little girl is doing great.. What a Character she is and SO much personality, we love her!!! By the way we named her Zany.. cause she is wild and Zany and a little clown.. She is doing great on house training..getting along with my big dogs,my 140lb Rott  is afraid of her  when she goes in zoom mode..HAHAHAHA She is trying to chase the cats so we are working on that..Just wanted to give you a progress report  and say THANKS!!! – Sue Martin Today is Daisy's birthday!  She is one year old and is a joy to us.  She is 14 pounds of sheer energy and really keeps us on our toes.  She is incredibly smart and quick!  Thank you for providing such a wonderful puppy to us! – Mike and Louise Hanville I just wanted to thank you so much for being so straight forward and honest with me when I was looking to purchase a puppy.  You advised me that in my situation a rat terrier would be my best option and it definitly was.  You sold me a little, I think it was Tri-Pearl you called it, rat terrier about a month and a half ago and he has just been amazing!  I named him Sammy, and he and I are getting along amazingly!  You were honest and helpful and sold me and older puppy, he was about six months old when I bought him.  You understood that I did not have 4 or 5 hundred dollars to really be purchasing a dog with, and you didn't try to convince me that a younger more expensive dog would be a better choice.  I could tell that you truly cared about your customers and the dogs that you were selling, wanting to make sure that it was a proper situation for the animal so that both the dog and the owner would be happy.  I have attached a few pictures of Sammy now.  Again, thank you so much for your help and honesty! – Stephanie RhoneyWe bought a 5 month old male rat terrier from you back in late Feb. of this year. He is the most wonderful house dog! He is SO intelligent and a great companion. After trying several names, he started answering to the name 'Buddy', so that's what is on his tag. He still isn't crazy about getting his bath, but does tolerate it with a gentle demeanor. He even lets me paint his toe nails; of course, since he's a 'guy', I bought him blue nail polish with sparkles in it, so he doesn't have to wear pink all the time. When he goes to the groomer, he gets a new bandana, which he will wear til he's ready to go to bed. At which time, he goes prancing down the hall to our bed and hops right up in the middle, where he sleeps all night! Thank you and God bless you and your family, – The Ebert Family

I bought a yorkie-rat terrier mix from you about a year and a half ago. She is the sweetest,smartest dog I have ever seen.(and cutest ...but I guess that is because I love her so much) She really does have the sweetest personality and she is so much fun. She makes me smile every time I look at her and she is the best company.She loves me but she is  also very loving towards just about everyone. I like that,because if something were to happen to me I know she could love someone else as her owner. And believer me, I have had numerous offers from people wanting to be her godparent. Thank you so much. And if I decide to get another puppy,I will definitely be contacting you,rather than someone else. – Barbara FowlerYou were right!!!!! This is is Brenda Roberson, I came to your place to see a dog. I know you remember me!  Well, not long after I left your place, I found just the dog I was looking for and I have paid for it dearly. The dog has sarcoptic mange.  Believe it or not two Vets at the same clinic did not treat the dog for this. But I was transferred to a different city and there is no doubt about it. I called the breeder to inform her and she told me that there was no way!! The breeder became very angry and upset with me. My "dream" dog is nearly a year old and still not house broken and today the vet informed me she would require additional treatments. Today, I decided for the good of my bank account that enough is enough!! I like dogs and want a dog as a pet. But I should have listened to you!! Please feel free to post my email!! I will come to see you in the spring. I would like a runt of the little male rat terrier. MMMmmm, which is smaller the toy or the mini? I can handle 8 to 10 pounds but nothing bigger. This dog will travel with me and live in motel rooms.  I am planning a trip to Alaska and the pup is going!! – Best Regards, BrendaWe just wanted to send our thanks to your company for our new family member. We purchased a nine month old Rat Terrier from you, who we have named "Mr.T" because he is a mini replica of a great dane we used to have named Taggy. We were a little worried at first because he pouted very bad for several days and didn't want to eat and was so scared he just hid out, but the wonderful part is that he has taken to our Two year old son Richie wonderfully and they are the best of buds. He follows my son everywhere, sleeps right next to him at night, and even whines if he can't find him like a mommy who's lost her puppy, it's too cute. He has been wonderful with allowing my son to give him hugs and kisses, and has never bit him or tried to hurt him in any way. We were so pleased with our purchase and just wanted to send our thanks for making the buying process such a breeze and for making our son the happiest kid around. I couldn't be happier with how well he has adapted to our family and especially to my son, who we bought him for originally. We will be recommending you to everyone we know. I've enclosed a photo of "Mr.T" and Richie watching TV together on the couch. Thanks again. – The Silvas FamilyHello. My name is Amy. I bought a toy rat terrier from you about 2 years ago. She was the best pup ever! I named her Olivia Jane...she was very spoiled. Unforunately I recently lost her. She was hit by a car and I had to put her down. I feel as if I have lost my best friend. I remember coming to your kennel to pick out my new pup, and she just kept speaking to me. I had to have her...she was meant for me! She is the second dog I have purchased from you. (I also have a hairless...although he's a daddy's boy!) I just wanted to write you and say that I recomend you to everyone I meet. Your facilities are great and the pups I've bought from you are the best I could ever ask for! I will miss my little dog very much. She was truly the best ever. Thank you for her. – AMY

I want to say “thank you” for all of your advice when visiting your facility in November 2005.  I purchased the last Beaga-Poo in your litter, a male, and brought him back to my home in Greensboro.  I cannot be happier.  “Winston” is the most healthy, loving and affectionate dog I have ever met.  I live downtown Greensboro and he draws more attention than I would have ever imagined.  I can hardly walk more than a block without someone wanting to “meet” the little guy. I have a neighbor who has fallen in love with Winston.    She asked for you number and I directed her to the website with strict instructions to read, read and read.    Do you have a litter available now and/or do you plan to breed another litter of Beaga-Poos any time soon?  I am constantly being asked by folks and was curious. Thanks again for your time and for the wonderful pet. – Regards, J. WilliamsHi. I don't know if you remember me, but a little over a year ago my daughter and I visited you and bought a little chocolate hairless terrier female. My Mom had just passed away, and the puppy, Sadie, was a great comfort to me. My husband's job recently got us relocated to Florida. We are a little bit out in the country with wood in our backyard. Last week, my daughters and I were on the patio in the backyard. Sadie kept barking and barking at something  near a bush. I assumed it was our cat, but when she did not stop barking and running and lunging at this thing, I went to look. It was a 3 or four foot long Cottonmouth snake, all coiled up at the base of the bush. My husband and I killed the snake. Thank God for Sadie! If she had not alerted us, the snake could have bitten me or worse, one of the children. We are at least 20 minutes from the nearest hospital, so that bite could have tragic consequences. I am so grateful she did not get bitten either. She is the best dog, definitely the smartest I have ever had, and so sweet. I have allergies, but I can cuddle with her and let her get in my bed with no problems. I am a devoted hairless terrier fan now. – Rachael

Thank you so much for our puggle...he has been a great addition to the family.  My son and boyfriend love him so much.  His name is now Mister Henry Puggles...named by my 4 year old son, Brayden.  You have to call him Mister Puggles or Brayden will correct's been great fun.  Mister Puggles gets along with our Blue Heeler, Hannah and our cat Simon.  This dog is wonderful...I cannot thank you enough!Hey I don't know if you remember me, I was a customer for you when I was 16, I bought an adorable chihuahua that I named after Paris Hilton, I just wanted to give ya updates, she's 2 years old now, she's doing great, running around full of energy, loves riding in the car, she's attached @ my side, she's the best and I'm really interested in getting another puppy from  you, once I get the money saved up. You can use my e-mail on your webpage if you'd like as an very happy owner of a hybrid chihuahua. I attached some pix of her, she's the cutest!!  Well hope to see you sometime soon to buy another baby. Thanks.  – Marcus CookMy family and I came to your home in May and bought a yorkie/rat terrier puppy. I just wanted to say Thank You, for having this dog there for us to buy. She is a wonderful blessing to our family. She has slept with my daughter every night and has been one of the best pets we have ever had!! She is very healthly and we are planning on spaying her around Christmas. She is such a wonderful little dog for the kids and adults. This little girl has even been to church!! I just thought I'd let you know how she's doing. – Thanks again, Marty, Angela, Megan, Jacob, and Pepper FulkMy girlfriend, Jen, and I bought a yorkie-rat puppy from you at the end of last december. (we came with Jen's mom, Deborah, who got a litter mate.) We just wanted to give you an update on how he's doing, since it's almost his "birthday." :) We named him Arthur, and he's is quite a handful! He gets a walk or run every day, so he's solid muscle. He enjoys doing tricks, and was the top of his puppy training class at PetSmart. He's highly intelligent (you were right about that!) and can do lots of tricks. He wears a backpack when we go hiking and carries his own food and water bowl. Here are a few pictures. One is Arthur with his litter mate, whose name is Amos. Feel free to put them on your site if you want. Thanks so much for breeding such a great dog! He's our pride and joy! We recommend you to everyone! PS. I also got very bored one day and made him a website: Take care! – Erin EllenburgDon't know if you will get this or remember us, but we bought a yorkie/rat, broken coat from you in December.  He is the greatest, sweetest, most wonderful dog I have ever met in my life!  He is the smartest guy ever.  We live in Erwin, TN and you gave us some of your CD's to pass around. Hey, you really have a great voice!   We gave away the CD's you gave us and people are enjoying you!  Now back to Reggie!  I have never had such a loving animal.  He gets along great with the 2 cats we have.  The tomcat tries to play with him but Reggie is very rambunctious and energetic and sometimes Red, even though he is bigger than Reggie, gets a little scared!  They are just funny together.  Just wanted to say THANKS!!!!  I have referred other people to your website and hopefully in the future, you will have more people from Tennessee come and buy precious babies.  God bless you always and thanks for having special animals that are healthy, happy, intelligent and so very loving! Cathy & John. – Cathy Morris I don't know if you remember me or not me and my entire family came to get a pup in December. A little black and tan dauchund mix. He has been the best dog, we named him Alex. He's very smart I had him house broke in a week!! He has been great with my children. I am so glad I came to your kennel, even though we drove all the way from Ashe County,NC. I was really impressed with the love and care you gave to the dogs, and the information you gave their new families. I have referred others to you. Thanks so much!!! – Rachel, Aaron, Hunter, Avery & Jacob GriffinHii there: You have the best informative website on this subject I have ever encountered and should be a must-read! I have looked and searched for a Yorkie-breed, only now to have completely changed my mind, thanks to your information, which I knew nothing about.  While I don't particularly love the rat-terriers as you, you have some breeds that are just as "adorable" as what I have been looking for.  Thanks so much for taking the time to be irritated with us to be so frank and forthright.  I laughed a lot, I can't even begin to imagine your experiences...should be good book material...Wilkesboro is a favorite area of ours, and I hope to contact you soon to visit for an "older" beaga-poo (i think that's right), or a yorkie-rat, as you so explained -- for cost reasons (sorry - yikes). I want to thank you so much for the puppy we bought for my daughter. It was the black/tan toy rat. She is up to three pounds, and doing great. She even plays with our pygmy goat! Of course she is VERY spoiled, has to sleep on our bed, etc. She has been a great pet, that loves the whole family. She was very easy to house-train. My daughter is thrilled. We couldn`t have gotten her a better pet. I know you and I had our concerns about getting her at 8 weeks old, but she has done very well. As far as l;eaving her alone most of the time, well by the time we got her home, if we left her alone, all she did was cry. She is a very "people-dog" I will send pictures, as soon as I get them developed. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!  – Lynn and Leah BranchHey.I just wanted to tell you how much we love our new little bella.  I just bought her from you 3-7-08 shes the little chocolate rat terrier.  Shes the best dog I have ever had.  She plays with my pitbull cocoa and she loves our little girl Carmen.  She hasn’t had any accidents in the house or her Midwest crate. Shes simply the best and nothing less. Thanks! – ChristiniaDear Healthy Pups, We just wanted to send you a few pictures of our dog Clark Howard Niedergall that we bought from you last February.  We appreciate so much the advice you give on your website and we have found Clark to be a perfect fit for our family.  Hope you like the pictures! – Sincerely, Brent and Christy NiedergallDear Healthy Pups, Last September, my boyfriend, Matt and I came to your farm and purchased a little Black and White Rat Terrier. I have meant to write you for months, but hadn’t sat down and done it! We just wanted to tell you (as many on your site have, I see) that we have been just thrilled with our little puppy.  We named her Elle. She is certainly the smartest, most easily trained puppy either of us have ever had (and we’ve had many dogs growing up). She was housebroken within a few weeks, even when she was just so little! She was afraid of many things when we brought her home. Like stairs and plastic bags (which she STILL doesn’t like) and wind and cats she saw in the neighborhood. We called her the ‘fraidy cat’ for the first couple of months. She has seemed to conquer all of her fears though, and has grown up into one tough little dog! She LOVES to play with her stuffed squirrel and would chase it around until she passed out if we let her! She seems though, just as content at times to just lay in my lap. We just wanted to thank you for all of your knowledge and advice. I’m so glad we discovered her breed. Should we ever get an additional puppy, you can be sure we’ll be visiting you again!I’m attaching some photos of our little joy. (Incidentally, we didn’t notice until we got home, but she has a black marking on her side that’s in the perfect shape of a heart!) She’s wonderful! Best of luck to you and God bless you for putting your heart into something that brings happiness to so many. – Sincerely, Kristen, Matt and Elle Charlotte, NC Irvin, My name is Liz, my boyfriend Jeff and I (from Mooresville) recently bought a puggle pup from you. I just wanted to write and thank you. We named the pup Jersey and she is doing great. She adapted very well to crate training. She loves to cuddle and sit on our laps and is doing great with potty training. The qualities that she possesses show what kind of care she received before we got her. She has brought so much joy to our lives and we can't thank you enough for that. Every time we go to the pet store with her people always come up to us and say how beautiful she is. We have given your website out to a few people so far and would recommend you to anyone.Thank you again! – Liz and JeffHi! You can put me on this list since I do send everyone I know your way and we just love the two babies we have bought fom you! We bought the Chihuahua Hybrid and the Yorkie/Yorkie Rat from you! Both are wonderful and we want to come back soon for either another chihuahua hybrid or a small rat terrier! My name is – Tabitha WhiteMy wife and I purchased scooter from you almost five years ago. I can not begin to tell you how much we love him. He is more of a person than he is a dog.  He is great and very smart. He is the best investment we have ever made. I only wish that I had purchased two of him. Below is a recent photo of him. Thanks for breeding such great dogs. – Jim & Judy Kendrick  Eden, NC  (Rat Terrier owners)We bought a rat terrier puppy from you last August. We would be happy to serve as a reference for you. After reading every page of your website, we came to your kennel thinking we wanted another Chihuahua.  We left with a darling rat terrier.  We never looked back and have not had one ounce of regret about our decision. This puppy, which out daughter named, (Princess) Aurora is the most friendly and happy dog.  I am continually finding myself laughing out loud at her antics.  She will cuddle up with anyone; play with anyone or any dog (or cat) and is, as you said, the absolutely best family pet that we have ever had. Aurora is the first dog that actually plays with any toy that you give her.  We can’t walk by a dog toy aisle anymore without picking something up for  her because of her sheer joy! Please leave the email address below as a reference contact for you if needed!  Thank you for providing our healthy pup at a fair price! – Jay and Beth Rickerts, Summerfield NC  We got a tri-blue rat terrier from you in January. Talulah is the sweetest dog and loves all people and animals. We just wanted to say thank you for helping us adopt her. – Scott and Amy Hi, Irvin! Hope you had a blessed Christmas....just wanted you to know that we are thoroughly enjoying our yorkie-beaglepoo that we bought from you in October. The pup, Angel, has adjusted very well and brings us smiles and laughs every day.  I believe she thinks she is part human.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.  – Todd & Lisa Cox

Hey, we bought a black and tan rat terrier from you a few years ago. She has been the best dog ever.  She was easily house trained and she is one of the sweetest dogs. I would reccomend you guys to anyone who wants a good pet:) We're now looking to buy another dog, and will be looking on your website and probably contacting you soon:) thanks so much for the wonderful pet. -Katelyn Sebastian

I hope you remember me.  I purchased a  "teenager" puggle from you the day before Valentine's day 2009.  I was looking for a small female to help replace our 11 year Labrador that had died of cancer last year. She left behind a very lonely 5 year old Labrador sister, and a heartbroken wife.  I showed you pictures of our lonely Lab and you recommended a puggle.  I picked an 8 month old female that had markings that looked like my old German Sheppard.  Within one hour of bringing her home she and her new big sister hit it off.  She runs to the fence and starts to bark at the dogs in the next yard.  When they start barking back she immediately runs back to big sister and hides underneath her.  At other times big sister run over to protect her.  She is working on mom, and is almost there.  Mom was with our older Lab when she was put down, and she still hurts from it, but she is already having heart to heart talks with our puggle.  As far as health, our vet checked her the day after I brought her home, gave her a rabies shot and declared her "healthy as a horse".  For your information she will be spayed in two weeks, but the neat part is our vet will perform this with laser surgery. He told us this type of surgery is less invasive, doesn't require stitches, the dog has less pain and a shorter recovery period. I highly recommend this to anyone having their dog spayed or neutered. I have enclosed a picture of the two girls together, and one of her. Please use me as reference, just let me know and I can provide the information to folks who want to contact me.  You can tell she likes sticks. -Gilbert Kozlowski

Good Afternoon, Our family purchased a blue merle Rattle Puppy on Father's Day this year. I just want to let everyone know who visits your website that this puppy
is one of the best we have ever owned. The male puppy "Draper" is the calmest and gentlest  puppy I have ever seen. He does not chew on anything except his 
puppy toys. He is also very mellow and loves riding in the car. Everyone that sees him insists on petting him and knowing what kind of dog he is. I recommend 
everyone that is looking for a puppy to check out your website. Our veterinarian was excited to see how much care that you give your puppies and that you 
document each dog as if you only had one dog in your kennel. Thank you again! Lisa Sheely, Shelby, NC As I promised, I'm sending you this email to post on your website for potential dog owners. I decided to get a dog this past May (2009). Now many of my friends 
and family thought I was a bit crazy for traveling from Philadelphia to NC on the weekend just for a dog. I knew it was not ridiculous because of the experience 
my sister and parents had purchasing puppies from a breeder closer to home just a year ealier. As stated on your website, these puppies all had to go to the vet for health
issues. which added up very quickly. Last year my sister found you on the internet and purchased a cairn terrier, that had no health problems and still doesn't have any health
problems after one year. Her name is Sprockette (named after the Fraggle Rock show) and boy does she have energy and is loving too. When I decided to get my own 
dog I knew I'd be making the trek down too because in the long-run I knew I would be getting a dog that wouldn't end up costing me more due to health problems.Sprockette 
and Kiko (my YorkieRat) became good friends on the trip home. Kiko has continued to warm her way into the hearts of everyone in my family and everyone that she meets. 
You picked out the perfect dog for me, which I am greatful for. She's smart and spunky. She's already learned how to sit and lay down. She romps around with my sisters 3 dogs 
and my parents 3 dogs. She also loves to snuggle up and sleep with me. I can't wait to see what she'll do next. Now that I have one dog, I'm considering getting another one
in the near future, so when I do you'll be seeing me again!  (You can put my email address on your website, in case any potential customers wantto contact me) Thanks Again, 
Danielle Henon
Hi Irwin, I am writing to let you know how happy we are with our new Puggle who we named Evan. He is fun, adorable and perfect for our family.  He has such a great
personality. I also wanted to let you know, we entered him in the Bailey Road 9TH Annual Dog Show.  He came in 2ND Place for the "Cutest Puppy".  After the show, 
several people came up to us and said they thought he should have won 1ST!  We agreed :) I have attached a picture for you. Thanks and I will recommend Healthy Pups
to all our friends. Barbara Parker In love with my new puppy, "Raelin".  E me if you want to learn about her.  Photos on facebook. Brianne McCoy

My name is Brandy Hutchens and my husband and I visited you in April of 2010.  We purchased a red dapple doxie from you.  We wanted to write and say how overjoyed we are with him.  We named him Luigi and he just celebrated his first birthday in January.  He is full of energy, loves us dearly, and just the cutest dog in the neighborhood!  Thank you for helping us to expand our family.  Please feel free to post this or use us as a reference. Brandy and Aaron Hutchens

We purchased our baby from you almost two years ago.  She is the best dog anyone could ever have.  She is a poodle/beagle mix and we named her Gracie.  She is so loving and very spoiled.  We are so happy and wanted to thank you for your advice and information in picking the right puppy for our family. Jennifer Crump

Hello, I'm sending pictures of my teddy bear(Peaches is her name)that I got from Healthy Pups. She celebrates her 1st birthday today. We are very happy together & so glad that I found you all. My best, Mary Pickering

I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying our puppy Mr. D that we purchased from HP this week.  He has adjusted to his "forever home" rather well.  He is definitely Sarah's dog.  He will not leave her side and whimpers whenever she is not in the house.  Of course, most of our neighborhood thinks he is so cute and that we are very lucky to have such a pup.  We think the same thing.  I introduced him to our vet this week and she says he is a perfect puppy. Thank you so much for having Mr. D available for us.  We wish you and Rita God's Blessings. Bill & Sarah  Sent from Bill DeLapp's iPad


Printable Driving Directions To Healthy Pups For Sale, Roaring River, NC!


HOURS:  We are normally open for pet pickups/viewings 6 days per week by appointment only, including most Sunday mornings!  Call to schedule an in-person visit,  facetime, facebook messenger live session, or a curbside puppy pickup- (336 ) 957-3609.  I am proud to say that not one of our puppies has gotten sick with a virus in many years now since we quit allowing the window shopping public pet them without guidelines and supervision. No one wants unexpected vet bills! To protect our pets from viruses brought in by public here at Healthy Pups, and to reduce unexpected veterinary expenses for our puppy buyers, we raise the puppies in strict quarantine. Buyers may view an individual puppy or a small group of puppies in person OR through video chat.  If you can view the puppies though video chat and decide which puppy you want BEFORE you come, we can bathe your puppy, do it's wellness exam, and fill out your paperwork so you don't have to wait when you come to pick up a puppy. Come without first telling us which one you want and you should be prepared to wait while we make the puppy ready to go home with you. This can take some time, especially if you come on a day when other families have already scheduled appointments. A wise person like you would not want to buy a puppy from a seller who allowed public to play with it before you might choose to take it home! Because viruses are highly contagious to other puppies, we will always raise the puppies in strict quarantine and only allow public to pet the puppy that they are taking home! I recently advised a breeder of Golden Retrievers on how to stop the spread of Parvovirus in two litters of her puppies. She said one family came and petted 5 different puppies, and all 5 of those puppies became sick with Parvovirus at the same exact time a few days later. Would you be upset if you bought a puppy from us and learned that another family had brought a virus from other sick puppies before you took it home? This is why NO ONE pets our puppies unless they are taking it home!  Personality is not an issue with a properly bred dog. The purebred dogs that have been linebred for show purposes often have unbalanced personalities. ALL mixes have wonderful personalities and are very sweet after they have adapted to a new home. Love them and they will quickly return your affection! Our normal business hours are 10am til 4pm six days per week by appointment, with closed days posted below, but we sometimes work beyond these hours when there is no conflict with family events.

This paragraph is not to force uncompromising biblical theology on you, but posted so you understand our business days and hours, and so you are less likely to think I'm crazy:) A Christian is one who obeys Christ as their Lord and will stop at nothing to learn more about him; even when the truth is inconvenient! If you don't want to hear inconvenient truths that God may judge you for later,  then quit reading now and skip the remainder of this paragraph. Acts 17:30-And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent. The age of excuses is over.  Anyone who truly wants to know more about God can research and learn truths that were hidden from our ancestors. Many do not want to know.  They are having fun in their traditions and cling to them.  This is why Christ called fishermen instead of Pharisees!  Many things that I have learned in bible study have broken my heart. Every person who identifies as Christian would like Christ to be their Savior, but almost none will obey him as their Lord! This means they are hoping the scriptures are true, but don't really believe them. Most of these folks are more likely to obey the weather man. God says the Christian must worship in spirit AND in truth, SO when we learn the truth we must accept it or be judged for it "after having received knowledge," since there remaineth no more sacrifice (the blood doesn't cover) for the sins we refuse to forsake.  Don't believe in God? How much more faith does it take to believe that you and I, and all we know, accidentally evolved from a pool of slime? Having been ordained as a Baptist minister and called to be a truth seeker, I take my bible study very seriously! SO, in obedience to truth after thousands of study hours and learning that no person living in rebellion was accepted by Christ in the scriptures, we close 4 days per month to observe the true Christian sabbath, which is not Deis Solis (sun god day) or Saturn's Day (first day of the week in the 8 day Julian Calendar of Bible culture, which interrupted the continuous cycle of seven days that began at creation).  Because of Roman calendation, the new moon no longer occurs at the first of the month as God designed it. Saturday and Sunday as days of worship come from Satan and his pagan calendar so he cleverly steals the worship due our Creator, NOT from the Bible. Read your bible and you will discover that Christ was crucified on the Passover of the Creator's calendar, and arose on First Fruits of that original calendar. This is the calendar that Yahuwah established at creation, saying it shall be for signs and seasons, and days and years. In the time of Christ, the Jewish people including Christ himself used Yahuwah's calendar, and the Romans used their 8 day Julian (Julius Caesar) calendar. Many things from that era bear both Jewish AND Roman dates. There is no way that Yahushua our Messiah used the Roman Gregorian calendar that wouldn't even be invented until 1500 years after the crucifixion instead of the one his Father commanded. It is easy to prove that 14 datable sabbaths occurring in conjuntion with given feast dates in the scriptures, some hundreds of years apart, occur on Bible calendar dates only, which would be impossible in our modern Gregorian Roman calendar which shifts one day per year!  The Roman church and government inserted the pagan God worship day Deis Solis into the Gregorian calendar and made it first day of the week in 1572 to erase Jewish customs from their culture, and to attract former pagan sun worshipers to church so the government could control them. Most people refuse to change, having been marked by cherished traditions they have inherited from the beast, AND continue to practice Satan's inherited counterfeits even today. People have never wanted to change a tradition. Christ himself asked why do you break the law of Yahuwah because of your tradition? Touch NOT the unclean things (a conditional statement) and I will receive you! The true Bible sabbaths are the seventh days within the biblical calendar that God established at creation!  The seventh days within the Gregorian Calendar are NOT his sabbath because day one of the Gregorian calendar began at the end of 8 day Julian calendar weeks, and Christ arose on first fruits of Yahuwah's calendar-NOT sun god day! No scripture read in proper context makes the sabbath not binding for modern Christians, as prophecy tells us that God's calendar and the 7th days within it are still kept in heaven and on the new earth, and Hebrews, a NEW Testament book, calls not keeping sabbath an example of unbelief! Yes, google and dig. You will discover that it is your sabbath too! 

Because of this truth, we will be closed the following days in the near future because these are seventh days in the calendar that Yahuwah, not Rome, commanded. Tuesdays 5-7-24.  Wednesdays 5-15-24, 5-22-24, 5-29-24, 6-5-24, Fridays 6-14-24, 6-21-24, 6-28-24, 7-5-24. Saturdays 7-13-24, 7-20-24, 7-27-24, 8-3-24. We are a busy family with teens in school events and aging parents that can bring unforeseen family things, but we plan to be open by appointment all other days.

It is important to be prepared when you come pick up your pet, or to facetime and choose a pet.  Please don't request facetime with pups if you are not a serious buyer ready to reserve or take your puppy home. Bathing tiny puppies unnecessarily is not good for them. The bio secure way to view the puppies is through facetime, google duo, or through facebook messenger video chat.  Please do a good job watching our puppy videos BEFORE you call to schedule facetime.  Please CALL me at 8:00 am of the morning you want to view pups through facetime or come for curbside pickup appointments!

Did you know? 10 families per week get lost or waste much time when coming to visit here because they didn't read this page and made the mistake of thinking Mapquest or GPS  can give better directions that someone who actually lives here.

The purpose of this web site is to educate you and give you the opportunity to learn about pet issues and try to decide what type of pet you will like better later before our virtual visit. Viewing the puppy videos will help you to determine which pets you like best before we begin virtual visits, and make your selection process easier.

Please make a viewing appointment AFTER your spouse, children, LANDLORD, etc, are in agreement THAT YOU CAN HAVE A PUPPY, that you are reasonably sure of the type of puppy you want, and you are financially able to have a puppy.  For busy families who may have problems with everyone being home at a specific time to Facetime, updated video clips may be a better choice!  We want to keep our puppies healthy. Please do not come here after visiting others to see puppies. We love our pets and we love you, but we are not the puppy petting zoo.

Never come here without calling us before you leave home.  We often take up to 50 telephone calls per day. This amount of communication can be overwhelming and can make it hard to remember appointments!  Please call to make sure that we have had no unexpected emergencies and that we don't forget you! WE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE PHONE ALMOST ALL THE TIME TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE IF YOU SHOULD BECOME CONFUSED OR GET LOST WHEN TRAVELING TO pick up your puppy, so don't drive around lost.  I had much rather help you than wait on you:) Please turn in the drive and follow the drive to the big porch beside the flag pole.  CALL me when you arrive and we will bring your puppy out to meet you!  Please be considerate enough to call us if you made an appointment and are not coming!


Our address: 3707 White Plains Road, Roaring River, NC 28669.

We are located 15 miles east of Wilkesboro, NC, in the edge of the Northwest Foothills. We are NOT Charlotte dog Club. We are located about 1 hour north of Charlotte dog Club. We are not Happy Tail Puppies. We are located about 1.5 hours west of Happy Tail Puppies. Call us if you become confused with online info and need help with GPS and directions. Travel time from most triad/Western NC locations to Healthy Pups is approximately 1 hour or less.

Please print and use ONLY these directions.
Visitors often get lost after failing to write directions down correctly or using GPS/online directions assistance that is 15 years outdated with road construction changes...

From Winston Salem, Greensboro, and all other points EAST!

Travel 1-40 by-pass west to Hwy 421 North exit in Winston Salem. Follow Hwy 421 North to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Statesville, Charlotte, and all other points SOUTH!

Travel 1-77 north to exit 73-B. Exit and travel Hwy 421 North to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Mount Airy (NC), Virginia, and all other points NORTH!
Travel 1-77 south to exit 85.  Travel Hwy 268 west approximately 10 miles to Roaring River.  Turn right on White Plains Road. (White Plains Road is located 1/4 mile before crossing the Roaring River bridge) Our drive is located 3.5 miles on the left at 3683 White Plains.  Our kennel sign is lighted after dark.

From Asheville, Hickory, Morganton, and all other points WEST!

Travel 1-40 east to exit 132 (Taylorsville/Hwy 16 North exit).  Travel NC Hwy 16 North through and beyond Taylorsville to Hwy 421 South exit (approximately 45 minutes and near Wilkesboro).  Travel Hwy 421 South to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

From Boone (NC), NW N.C.  Mountains,  NE Tennessee

Travel Hwy 421 south to exit 276 (Red, White, and Blue Road).  See local directions below.

Local DirectionsTake exit 276 and follow the signs across Red, White, and Blue Road toward Highway 268 and Roaring River. After 4.3 miles across Red, White, and Blue Road you will come to a stop sign.  Turn right on Hwy 268 and travel approximately 1/4 mile to White Plains Road on the left.  Turn left and follow White Plains Road 3.4 miles to our driveway on the left.  Our street address is  3683 White Plains Road.  We have a sign near the mailbox that is easy to see. Please call when you arrive!

Please limit email questions to telephone contact requests. Simply send your phone number and a convenient time to be contacted and I will call you as quickly as possible. You should always call me if you want to communicate with me quickly. I answer the phone at your convenience; email at my convenience.

Emails constantly get lost in junk mail folders, and I spend hours looking for them.  Some of them I don't find until weeks later.  Can't you PLEASE just call me with any questions! (336) 957-3609

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The licensed veterinarians and legislators who drafted the Animal Welfare Act did so because they thought facilities like ours are the best way to keep them healthy!" Have you ever wondered why almost all of those who have websites to sell puppies only show pictures of the pets and won't let you visit where the pets are kept?  House pets must be spayed/neutered to prevent bleeding and marking, so kennels are the only safe and humane way to keep breeding dogs. The cost to build our kennel facility was approximately $1,000,000.00, and built with with NO donations.  Our operating expenses average $200,000.00 per year! Why does everyone want to ship a puppy to you, or meet you somewhere to sell you a pet, saying they don't allow visitors "because of disease risk'.  You can tell how much someone loves what they do by considering their investment that they have made in their business.  Many competitors have puppies crammed in garages, basements, and utility buildings with rabbit cages stacked three deep. Our facility is 10,920 square feet and is nicer than almost any public boarding kennel! The puppies receive constant attention and absolute best care.  But, more importantly, they are kept humanely by family who loves them!

Have you ever wondered why so many rescue people stage stories on television, post negative reviews online,  and create false blogs under anonymous screen names in social media (some even pretend to have visited or bought pets) to convince you that HealthyPups, AND all other kennels are a puppy mill?  Why do "humane societies" and rescue organizations attack breeders through media and brainwashed disciples, begging for your money to save the "abused and sick animals from inhumane conditions",  instead of soliciting legislators to enact tougher spay/neuter laws? Tougher laws could prevent so many of these unwanted large breed mixes from being born. They know that very few of those wanting house pets would adopt a large breed mix even if small breeds were not available from professional breeders. Is it possible that someone wants your money? Who is it that is really guilty of extreme animal exploitation? Attention BIG RECUE, please use the millions  per year in donations you are collecting from those sad commercials and kennel raids to spay and neuter America's dogs and cats instead of putting almost of it in your pocket.....PROBLEM SOLVED!

Visit and also subscribe to them on facebook! It's time these terrorist money scams for personal profit are stopped! Email YOUR government representatives! Tell them that we need legislation NOW to make it illegal for any animal rescue group to solicit donations in any state without being able to prove that 90% of their donations are being spent to actually care for animals! 

LOCAL ANIMAL CONTROL is the ONLY organization that has the authority to actually shut down a facility that truly is a puppy mill. You can call them FOR FREE! We are registered with them and inspected by them regularly without warning, and you can check for yourself! You will also find that Doctors of Veterinary Medicine voluntarily serve as references on this web site. Why would you want to donate your hard earned money to rescue terrorists who only have authority to call animal control. Do you think that you and the other citizens of America could call animal control YOURSELF and save $100,000,000.00 per year in rescue solicitations through those TV commercials and online group blitzes? Local Animal Control is the best and only system that works! These rescue scam con artists cause problems for Animal Control, professional breeders, and extreme high prices for pets in areas lacking small breeds because of their legislative changes successfully lobbied in some states. These groups are not needed! You should contact your congressman/senator and suggest they look into the tax exempt status of these organizations and make it illegal for them to operate as non-profit if they have paid employees! It is impossible for a true puppy mill to exist for any significant time without being discovered by a complaining customer and shut down by Animal Control. These guys are LOCAL and on the job in each LOCAL AREA, AND THEY ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON THERE!

Did you know that a much higher percentage of pets used for breeding purposes in the home are likely to go to shelters than those kept by professional breeders? This is why so many skilled animal care professional people want to make it illegal to breed house pets.

Dogs that are not spayed and neutered mark their territory and exhibit many other undesirable sexual behaviors in the home! And, of course, pets that are spayed or neutered can't have puppies, SO where are puppies going to come from??? Rescue people who truly know about dogs realize that they must have dogs to rescue to continue their business and income.  This is why they suggest that breeding dogs be in homes with people, knowing that many will be evicted to shelters later, while creating  public perception that they are doing a good work. They also create the same perception when they raid kennels and take breeding dogs away from breeders, knowing that it's virtually impossible to house train an older, unaltered pet, and not caring if that pet is eventually abandoned in a shelter after being taken from a place where he was more likely to have been secure and would not be evicted for reproductive behaviors. Every idiot who thinks that all breeding dogs should live in the home with people instead of in a commercial breeding facility should be SENTENCED TO 15 YEARS, imprisoned in their home WITH A PET THAT CONSTANTLY marks his territory, comes in season and discharges blood throughout the home, howls or cries all night, tries to chew a hole in the wall to get outside and find a boyfriend, etc. The only successful way to keep an unaltered pet from marking his terroritory indoors is to make all of them wear diapers! Are you up for that challenge? Could you live with those behaviors for 20 years and not evict your pet from your home and send him to the shelter? Can you believe those bleeding heart television commercials are brainwashing public to send these rescue groups their money and to make you think that every commercial breeder is a puppy mill, just to keep the donation money flowing?

If you love animals, you should donate to your local shelter ONLY, or volunteer to work there. Your efforts and money should go to help animals, NOT to make the founders of rescue organizations, some of which are considered domestic terrorists by the U. S. government, wealthy! A domestic "animal issue" terrorist is someone who wants to attack others, change the law to fit their warped agenda without caring about the rights of others, organize demonstrations, undertake their own investigation, attack our public officials, shut down the gas chamber at the local shelter even though many veterinary professionals agree that euthanized animals suffer less with gas than with lethal injection, etc. The ONLY thing that works is to get your pet spayed or neutered and don't try to breed your house pet ... this is the best way to help keep them out of the shelter! You can learn more about these issues if you read the remainder of this page.

Our political leaders, almost all of which know very little about animal care that actually works, love dogs so much that they have given some animal rescue groups tax exempt status. (You should ask to see their IRS disclosure form if they claim to be non-profit.) Though most local Humane Societies, etc., are wonderful organizations that do a good work in helping unwanted pets find homes, some animal rights groups are privately owned for personal profit, and are in no way related to or a part of the local humane societies that we know, trust, and love. They prey upon the sympathies of pet owners to convince them to send more money that can be used at their discretion for a small amount of animal upkeep expenses, lavish personal expenses, and huge executive salaries that provide a wealthy lifestyle for the rescue owner(s) and surrounding friends or family. They constantly brainwash and recruit volunteer disciples, and convince them to help search out and shut down the puppy mills. They then search for and attempt to shut down kennel owners, most of which do a good job, in order to keep those tax exempt Hollywood donations flowing. The threats of rescue organizations also encourages breeders to euthanize any animal that is less than perfect, because no one wants to be the next "abused animal" story on the news.

They create an extreme double standard in preying upon the sympathies of dog lovers! FOR EXAMPLE, it is considered normal for adult humans to lose their teeth as they grow older, yet any dog that is comparably older with bad teeth will be on the news as an example of neglect:( You should be glad these rescue terrorists don't work at an organization dealing with human issues, because if dealing with humans in the same way that they deal with animal issues, they would likely- TAKE YOUR GRANDMOTHER AWAY BECAUSE HER TEETH ARE BAD OR MISSING (if they could get you to send money for their personal profit and make you believe you were saving her)! SHUT DOWN THE HOSPITAL AND CALL SOCIAL SERVICES TO RESCUE THE SICK PEOPLE IN THERE. FILE SUIT AGAINST DOCTORS AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE BABIES ARE BORN WITH BIRTH DEFECTS, GET THE DOCTOR SHUT DOWN AND TAKE HIS PATIENTS AWAY BECAUSE A BABY GOT SICK AFTER GOING HOME, ETC.

It is my opinion that bad teeth in dogs is NOT caused by neglect or lack of dental care, but by malnutrition. The first dogs were hunters in the wild that ate raw living flesh;  not cereal from a bag.  Those humans who live in the jungle of New Guinea keep their teeth and their hair until they are old, even though few have ever seen a dentist.  My opinion is that they are healthier because of more raw plants in their diet!  It is interesting to note that people and our dogs are, in my opinion, the only two living things on earth that exhibit premature degenerative diseases before they are old.  Is it possible that in both pets and humans, these diseases are caused by malnutrition and toxicity, and no amount of treating the symptoms will solve the problem? My opinion is that only a return to their God given diet will help!

No one can care for any living thing without an occasional health problem. Breeders should not be harassed because of minor illnesses in pets, as long as they honor warranties and try to help the buyer solve the problem. You will be amazed that so many people with no understanding of issues will blame their family doctor for the death of a loved one, or their vet for the death of their pet.  It is sad that so many people in our country lack common sense to know how difficult it is, and how much experience it takes to successfully deal with animal health issues or even to clearly communicate with puppy buyers of lesser intelligence with no common sense. Check online reviews, and you will find that every veterinary doctor, pet nursery, rescue, kennel, etc, who cares for animals has negative reviews and criticisms.  Why? Because, it doesn't matter how well you do with animal care, there is the problem that so many people lack common sense to recognize correct perspective in care already given, and will have problems after not properly caring for the pet after they take it home.

After working with pets for 40 years, I have learned that one sick animal,  one miscommunication or complaint from one blogger with no common sense and no animal care knowledge gets all the attention and is posted online forever, while thousands of healthy puppies and happy people go without notice. Hands on experience is the only way for anyone to learn to care for animals.  Because puppies don't have the same right as human children to get sick in our society, and because puppies do get sick and cause breeders to be attacked and shut down by brainwashed animal lovers with no common sense, how can anyone in the future ever learn to care for puppies without being closed down before they learn how to do a good job.

I don't know where healthy puppies are to come from in the future of our country. It took years for me to learn how to successfully prevent health issues from occurring in the puppies we sell to public, and I was less successful in preventing problems in the early years as now. Most of the complaints that we had in past years are from pretend rescue heckler buyers, people who did not follow instructions and allowed small children to play with it so much it couldn't eat, OR from vaccine reactions after following the instructions of the animal scientists. It is complicated in dealing with baby animals, because not all buyers will follow care instructions. Again, breeder is responsible that buyer didn't follow instructions, and it becomes an ugly internet post or negative review after their vet bill:(  In today's society, even when the buyer of a baby puppy fails to follow instructions, the breeder always gets the blame for a health issue in a puppy, and it gets harder to deal with public because pet owners are brainwashed as to animal care and health issues by the rescue cons. Does  the rescue industry  think it's OK for people in America to spend more at the vet than they pay for the puppies they buy from inexperienced care givers, and it's OK for many  puppies adopted at public shelters to go home and die, while breeders are blogged and attacked in media for even the slightest problem by public with no common sense?  Is their game is to prey upon public pet sympathies and keep the donations flowing?  You decide.

Yes, I'll bet you thought all of your save the animals donations being solicited through those bleeding heart commercials was being spent on the animals, didn't you? You can learn more about these con artist terrorists and the struggles of professional breeders with them at is also a good website to visit if you want to learn how to respond to threats if you are being harassed over an animal issue. It may be that you want to join their anti-terrorism fight and maintain that the American public DOES have a right to have places to go and buy a healthy professionally maintained pet at a fair price! If you are an ethical breeder who is being harassed or investigated by animal rights groups who have no jurisdiction over your business, you should report this to your local sheriff and your government representatives. It is possible that they can be prosecuted and you recover losses under Public Law 102-346, The Animal Enterprise Protection Act.

The public through the liberal media is constantly brainwashed to believe that anyone who has even a small group of dogs is a "puppy mill." Every time a bad situation is discovered, these events are given top priority in media coverage. Professional breeders are judged by an unfair standard regarding health issues and living circumstances of the pets. Not all buyers will follow care instructions with puppies, and not all animal care professionals have common sense to properly identify and treat health issues. Every time someone buys a puppy from a professional breeder and it develops a health issue, the fact that the dog got sick immediately results in the breeder being called a "puppy mill". Is it possible that  most rescue advocates will always tell the public to adopt at the shelter, even though it is common for 50% or more of shelter puppies to go home and die, because preying upon pet sympathies results in billions in donations for them? Grandma's favorite lap dog is seldom available at the shelter. Most rescues are large breed or pit bull mixes.  It can take an entire lifetime of experience to learn to properly identify and treat health issues in pets. Because professional breeders have much more experience than pet owners, you are much more likely to get a healthy pet from a good professional breeder than from a hobby breeder/pet owner or from the shelter. Because of pet sympathies, the media knows that attacking "puppy millers" is information that sells their product. Some animal rights advocates and dog hobbyists would even like to blame professional breeders that so many unwanted dogs are euthanized in shelters, but many of these shelter dogs would never be adopted even if other puppies were not available, because few people want large breed mixes for indoor pets.

Because governmental legislators with the assistance of veterinary professionals in the United States have set forth standards governing the keeping of animals within the United States, we have chosen to raise our puppies in a USDA Standard animal care facility. Since we do not and have never sold to pet stores, inspections of our facility are the responsibility of local Animal Control. After caring for animals since 1982, I have learned that there is no other way to raise puppies and keep them healthy. They must be raised in a facility in which all surfaces can be cleaned and sterilized.  If you have questions concerning the representation and treatment of animals you may write to those persons (DIRECTOR OF ANIMAL CONTROL, local veterinarians, humane society officers, law enforcement officers, etc.) who voluntarily serve as contacts on our references page!

Are you a brainwashed by the media pet lover who thinks dogs raised in kennels need to be rescued? What gave you the idea that pets kept in the home are happier than kennel pets? How would you like for someone to spay/neuter you, never allow you to do love, marriage, and family, and decide how and where you were to live without your consent? Could it be that your beloved house pet would choose to live in our kennel in a protected and cared for colony with other members of his own kind if you allowed him to choose between playing house with girlfriends and having his private parts removed to a life of celibacy just to spend most of his time in another cage with you? I recently received an email from another breeder which read that a horse group was discussing the fact that I keep dogs in cages and enclosures, and how evil they thought it was that they were not free to roam. I immediately wondered if their horses had as much room in their stalls and pens as do my dogs, and I wondered if any of those hypocrites had ever considered the consequences of turning any of those horses loose to run free where they choose!

If good kennels did not exist, there would be a huge shortage of small breed puppies, driving prices so high that only the wealthy could afford to buy one. More pets than ever before would go to shelters, since they then would be bred in a place where they are likely to be evicted for peeing in the floor, marking their territory, etc. The cost of veterinary care would also increase, since there would likely not be enough affordable personal pets to support the continued existence of veterinary practices as we have them today.